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 The best way to earn a Huge commissions from ClickBank

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PostSubject: The best way to earn a Huge commissions from ClickBank   Tue 18 Mar - 13:49

In this post, I will share with you how you can earn a commissions from ClickBank.

I can say this is the best way around to do, and it is a long term.

Yes, it is a long term strategy as I will discuss about "List building" here.

I will add something psychological into this post, it is all about sub-conscious mind of your visitors.

Even I write in the title that we will earn commissions from ClickBank but the strategy can be used on any others affiliate network.

The different is just a process, what I show here is all based on ClickBank affiliate programs.

I also share some useful resources with you in this post while working with ClickBank affiliate programs.

Let's get started!

With this model to earn commissions from ClickBank, we need these core factors.

Squeeze page
Related articles
Here is a short brief strategy.

Create a PPC campaign to get some targeted traffics. (I will not discuss about keyword expanding process here)
Create a squeeze page and set as landing page for your PPC campaign. This squeeze page should focus on list building and not focus to making money now.
Create an e-Course for your list through your auto-responder system. This may contains 4-7 useful articles.
At the last articles sent to your list, promote your ClickBank affiliate program and you can expect a higher conversion rate here.
And here is the key point you have to focus into this strategy while taking action.

In a squeeze page, you should not give visitor too much choice in this page. You just give them two choices. One is to subscribe and get free e-Course about what they are interesting. And another choice, just skip our subscription and leave out.
For better subscription conversion rate, I suggest you to use video squeeze page. It is very powerful and will increase your conversion rate drastically.
If you are using your squeeze page as landing page for PPC campaign. Insert some related articles into the bottom of squeeze page to get a higher Google Quality Score. This will reduce your PPC campaign cost.
Do not try to make money from the squeeze page, but try to focus on list building only! We will make money from visitors later. After we made a good relationship with them.

With this model of affiliate marketing on ClickBank affiliate program. I'm sure that you can build your list quite fast and after you have made a good relationship with your list. You can earn unlimited commissions from them and you can expect for long term earning if you have a good enough relationship with your list.

If you want to see some demo squeeze page built for this model, see it here.

Wait! If you want to own this model of squeeze pages instantly. Read this!
I recently found that Affiliate Silver Bullet provide all what I suggest in this post.

Here is what Affiliate Silver Bullet provide…

Video squeeze pages for ClickBank's top 10 affiliate programs monthly!
Built-in auto-responder, you did not required to pay for auto-responder service monthly!
Full instruction how to use it effectively!
Everything required to make a huge commissions from ClickBank, you just promote it to get traffic. More traffic you get, more earning you will get too!
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The best way to earn a Huge commissions from ClickBank
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