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 Clickbank Scam Alert - Must Read

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PostSubject: Clickbank Scam Alert - Must Read   Mon 17 Mar - 22:18

Clickbank is a well-known, well run company that allows anyone to sell digital products online. All the products sold on Clickbank must provide instant access to purchases, so people can get their purchase within seconds of making the purchase. Their business model has allowed some well known personalities to become wealthy online, simply by selling a product on Clickbank.

But did you know that Clickbank is home to one of the biggest running scams of all time? The biggest scam on Clickbank works using a bait and switch method.

Here's how it works: Someone comes up with a way to make money online, but for one reason or another, they don't keep it to themselves and continue making money. What they do instead is create an information product that describes (hopefully) the method they used to make money online, and they list their product online using Clickbank, where thousands of affiliates can promote it for them.

Then thousands of people buy the money making guide, try the method, and get some limited success. Usually, they don't make the money they had hoped for, and may wonder if they did something wrong.

Sound familiar? What went wrong? Was the money making guide all a scam? In reality, it's a two-fold problem. First, the money making method probably wasn't really designed to make millions of dollars , but most likely does have some sort of ability to make some money.

Second, no method of making money continues to work the same way once a million people know about it - the results get diluted.

So, the ideas are not infinitly scalable, and the market for the money making scheme has a limit - a ceiling on the profits that can be made. When too many people are doing the same thing, this upper limit is reached quicker.

So, why did this person who found a way to make money online decide to release his secrets, rather than just make money?

It's because he could make a ton more money selling an information product, with a lot less work, than with any other type of make money systems.

You see, the guy that releases a make money product on Clickbank is following the only reliable, proven money making system that is used by every online millionaire.

If you wanted to make money, wouldn't you want to do what every online millionaire does? Did you know that there are sites that will show you the easy way to follow this proven system, even if you have no technical skills, and even if you have little money to get started? Look around, and you too can get started making consistent money online.
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Clickbank Scam Alert - Must Read
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