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 How To Make Money Using PayPal

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PostSubject: How To Make Money Using PayPal   Mon 17 Mar - 12:30

Paypal is the dominant payment processor on the internet today. It is hard to go just two sites now without finding someone who accepts this as a form of payment, it has made buying things dangerously easy! So how do you flip the coin and make money using PayPal?

There are a few different options, let's look at each in turn:


Blogging is the act of setting up a website with a blog installed on it (or using one of the free versions that host it for you) which enables you to quickly post your thoughts/articles online whenever you want.

The reason this has become so popular is because it takes away almost all of the technical aspects of creating a site (depending how much you want to customise you site). So a blog can now be installed with just a few clicks and then all posts made with a few clicks.

To make money using PayPal and your blog then you can either sell services, like doing reviews for people, maybe writing articles for them, or try affiliate marketing or even selling your own books through the blog. The blog is the way you advertise to people so that as they are drawn to the content on your blog they get to see your adverts for the other items and may buy.

Affiliate marketing:

This is the art of getting people to visit a specific site using your link. You place links on your blog to sites that you want to make money from and get people to click through those links and visit the sites, if they then buy something you get a percentage of that sale.

Most affiliate schemes pay by cheque or direct bank deposit, but pays straight into your PayPal account!

An ecommerce store:

The barriers to entry on the internet are very low, so anyone can open a store now and start to sell items online without much capital invested.

Pick yourself a niche, find somewhere to get stock from (you could even dropship things where you take payment for an item and then pay another company some of that money and they ship the goods straight to the customer for you), get your website setup and start to get people to it who will hopefully buy something!

If you decide to do this then you can use PayPal as your main method of payment and get instant cash sent to you every time you make a sale.

These are just the top three methods I have touched upon, there are many more ways to make money using PayPal. I have reviewed the top 3 products which teach you exactly how to start making money online, click here to see the reviews
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How To Make Money Using PayPal
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