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 The Top Selling Clickbank Marketing Ebooks in a Nutshell

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PostSubject: The Top Selling Clickbank Marketing Ebooks in a Nutshell   Sun 16 Mar - 21:17

Affiliate marketing has changed a lot about my life. In fact, it has made my present life possible. Do I live in a mansion and drive a Ferrari? No, not yet. And most of the people that claim that they accomplished this in three months are either lying about some of the details or need to lay off the crystal meth. Affiliate marketing takes some work and some areas of it are highly competitive. But the more you know, the easier it gets. And the more you do it, the more you know.

When you first start, you must start with the faith of a convert, because it may be a while before you get results or even "get it". But after that point, after the first few sales, the bug will have bitten you and there is no going back. While specializing in one certain product or niche for a while is the best way to start, specializing in only one form of marketing is not a good idea. Keeping up with the latest twist on getting your message to potential customers is a must, but paying upwards of forty dollars for it and then having to wade through PDF pages to find the meat you were looking for is a waste of time.

Most of the top selling ebooks on online marketing from Clickbank are filled with fluff to make them seem worth forty dollars. Of course, some newbies may need step by step screenshots showing how to upload Wordpress to your web host, but most of us already interested in affiliate marketing know how to do this. We want the two or three pages that give us the technique.

The basics of affiliate marketing can be told in only a few sentences. Find a product to promote. Get as much targeted traffic going to your affiliate link as you can.Cash your check.But the details of how to get the targeted traffic can change a three figure check every couple of weeks into a four figure check. In fact, a paragraph or two in that marketing ebook you just purchased may be worth two or three times the cost of the book. But finding that paragraph in the book is impossible.

Iím the checklist kind of guy. Give a list, not a novel and I will figure out the rest. I donít need screenshots. I have been doing this for a while. Basically when it comes down to it, most of the top selling Clickbank marketing books cover PPC Advertising, Linking, Adsense, Niches, and Blogging.

We will hit Adsense first. This is not a good first choice for a newbie. Yes, it has its places and you can make money. But those that make the day job quitting type of money only from Adsense are few and far between. Many begin with a site that gets a lot of traffic. Adsense is great for well-established sites. But the amount of software it takes run run an "Adsense Empire" starting from scratch is crazy. Lurk a few marketing forums and you will find out that most of the gurus who make big bucks this way buy 100ís of domains at a time, have software to auto install their sites, and then use article spinning software to add content to their sites. And then they have to worry about getting banned. Not a very stable way to start.

Linking is pretty simple. Join social networks and bookmarking sites, especially the more popular ones and be active. Donít just add links to your own site, but add useful links along the way and become known as a finder of good links. Then mix your links in. Write articles and submit them to article directories. Write press releases and submit them if you have any little tidbit of knowledge that seems newsworthy. Comment on blogs whose theme matches your own siteís. Participate in forums and add your link to your signature. is a great resource for finding sites to get links from, listing hundreds of sites in each of these categories.

You have to learn to spot niches and with a virtual warehouse of products to promote, its hard to narrow down what you want to promote. Start with yourself. When was the last time you were looking for something online and it took you forever to find it. When you found it, you may have inadvertently found a perfect niche. When you are done with yourself, check out your family and friends, especially those ones who use the internet but hate to because they can never find anything. And if you have no friends and never buy anything online, what are you doing trying to sell anything. No, just joking.

A lot of the guruís say to use keyword tools to find niches. Great! But where do you start? You can check out whatís selling on on sites like Amazon which lists a sales rank for the products on itís sites. Or go to for even more ways of finding niches. Then you use the keyword tools to find the real niches that have very few competitors.

Most of the blogging ebooks are rather simple and sometimes the writer didnít even edit the book before he sent it to the "press". I looking at you Rob Benwell. Basically, start as many blogs as you can handle, write a lot, and use the keyword tools you have at hand while you are writing your posts to create content the search engines will love. Other than that, use linking techniques.

In conclusion, many of the ebooks you will find on Clickbank are overpriced and "not worth the paper they are printed on". There are some good ones there that have stood the test of time. But many are hyped to the top by people trying to make a quick buck, like me Smile. You are better off buying the latest Idiotís Guide on SEO and thatís no lie or just lurking forums until something clicks for you. You can waste a lot of time collecting ebooks that is better off spent actually making money.
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The Top Selling Clickbank Marketing Ebooks in a Nutshell
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