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 Q&A with Database Administrators

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PostSubject: Q&A with Database Administrators   Sun 13 Apr - 19:22

I have been in India for more than a month now, as I am leading a very large outsourcing project. We have conducted few interviews since the project required more Database Administrators and Senior Developers. I am listing few of the questions discussed during all the interviews. The whole event of interviews was very interesting. I met some very good programmers from all over the country. Many interesting questions were discussed between interviewers and candidates. I am listing some of those questions here. Some are technical and some are just my personal opinions.

Questions & Answers
Q. What kind of Database Administrator do you think is the best Database Administrator?

A. Primary job of DBA is to secure the data and keep it safe as well as being able to reproduce data efficiently, when required. A Database Administrator, who can fulfill the requirements of Securing Data and Retrieving Data, is the best DBA as per my view.

When I hire DBA I always ask them questions about backup strategies and efficient restoring methodologies.

Q. Can I restore the database if I do not have full backup but I have all the primary data file and secondary data files as well as logs?

A. You can not restore the database without having full database backup. However, if you have copy of all the data files (.mdf and .ndf) and logs (.ldf), when database was in working condition (or your desired state) you can attach that database using sp_attach_db.

Q. As per your opinion, what are the five top responsibilities of DBA?

A. I rate following five tasks as the most important responsibilities of DBA.

Securing the database from physical as well as logical integrity damage.
Restore the database from backup as part of disaster management plan.
Optimize the queries performance by proper indexing and optimizing joins, where conditions, select clause etc.
Design the new schema and support legacy schema as well legacy database systems.
Help developers to be better at writing SQL related code.
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Q&A with Database Administrators
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