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 Falsely Accused by Google of "Destination URL Not Working"

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PostSubject: Falsely Accused by Google of "Destination URL Not Working"   Sun 13 Apr - 17:22

Here are actual unmodified copies of the ads google disapproved. If you click any of the ad links, you will see that they work.

Article Content Software
Automatically Collects
Content Rich Articles
Adsense Software
Automatically Collects
Content Rich Articles

Adsense Cash Machine
Cutting Edge Software Builds
Money Making Adsense Sites
Adsense Content Software
Automatically Collects
Content Rich Articles

Click here to view a screen shot of Googles Disapproved ad screen

This proves that Google isn't the greatest and Google DOES make mistakes and it's happened to other people.

Here's links with complaints from other people about google & Destination URL Not Working

url very long clickhere

Google is also being SUED for Click Fraud in a Class Action Lawsuit in the Circuit Court of Miller County, Arkansas over Adwords. Here's a link with info about the Lawsuit .

Google doesn't rank web sites just by relevant content

Webmasters are constantly talking about Google and worried about their Google PR Ranking and worried about their website being in the top 10 position in Google's Search Engine. I say to hell with google. I think their search engine STINKS and I never use it. Why?

You can have the most relevant website on the internet for a given subject but your site won't be seen in Google's search results unless you have many inbound links from other websites which has at least a Google PR (Page Rank) of at least PR4, PR5, PR6, etc. Does this seem right? Not to me.

With Google, it's like their doing you a favor if they list your website in their search engine at all. When you submit your web site to google, this is the message you get after you click the submit button; "Your site URL has been successfully added to our list of URLs to crawl. Please note that we do not add all submitted URLs to our index, and we cannot make any predictions or guarantees about when or if they will appear".

How arrogant!

Apparently a LOT of people thinks Google Sucks because if you type in the search phrase "google sucks" in MSN, 2,953,095 results come up. Check it out below

Page 1 of 2,953,095 results containing google sucks (0.34 seconds)
While I'm on the subject about Google, I own 10 websites with Google adsense ads displayed on. Everybody keeps talking about all this money you can make with adsense. Well, I sure haven't seen any money from having adsense ads on my websites. My average income from Google adsense ads on all 10 websites is about $2.00 a day! And that includes a well known article website I own which has a Google PR5 and over 20,000 articles on it.

So if Google ever decides to stop putting ads on my sites... BIG WHOOP!

Yahoo has a similar ad placement program which a lot of people are using instead of Google Adsense
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Falsely Accused by Google of "Destination URL Not Working"
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