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 Adwords Google: Setting your Max

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PostSubject: Adwords Google: Setting your Max   Sun 13 Apr - 17:16

It is good to see articles written on this topic of adwords management. Too many of the topics being written about it in the Dev and seo forums are concerned with doing the 'near impossible with natural search engine listings'.

Quite seriously, unless the typical "mom & pop shop" have targeted a very very seriously uncompetitive niche market, the odds that a "new mom and pops shop" is going to be able to rank in the first ten listings on google's first page, is really not realistic.

The fact that many of the brighter seo's who read this column can sometimes put a site into the top of the natural search engine listings', is possibly irrelevant.

Mom and Pop is not an seo expert nor is it likely that they will optimize their website beyond metatags, titles and a few friendly un-optimized non-themetic backlinks. Currently, this is the state of the real world.

Learn to Disagree

Go ahead, turn the flame burners on my friends, but overall, what I have just said is more true than not.

So, when i saw the title of this article in the Dev Forum "Adwords: Setting Your Max Cost Per Click", I looked forward to reading it.

But I take great exception with the author's manner of operation, as it handily drives up Google's stock shares and does very little for the merchant who purchased the keyword.

Google Definitive Adword Guide to Incorrect Positioning

The premis of the entire article from the author in the Dev Forum suggests that a merchant either

Pay enough to get the number 1 spot for their ad or ...
If that number 1 spot is too expensive, find some middle ground but still attempt to acquire a high position.

Without denigrating the author's intent, I would say that this simple strategy on its own, would be considered rather amateurish and will really put far more money in Google's pocket.

Let's remember that contrary to most corporate companies Google generally rewards well placed intelligence and not necessary deep pockets.

I would also say that in most cases, especially for a beginner, this will burn out the advertising budget before enough information has been accrued on the specific "keyword & ad combination" to determine what the proper amount to pay is, and whether the ad is even optimized or not.

This is soooo NOT the way to operate in the adword space.

Adwords Correct Positioning ?

I am not going to spill the beans here, but for those who are new to PPC or who are frustrated with campaigns that are not doing as well as you thought they should, here is a piece of advice.

Initially, strive to maintain your ad in a position between 5 and 10. Use the Google tools to let you know what pricing will give you a position in this range.You will find these positions are considerably cheaper and you may find that this a more appropriate place to start your experimentation.

All that is required is enough traffic to determine that your audience has resonance with your ad.

Now, attempt to optimize your ad to get the highest number of clickthru's while in this position.

When you can achieve Click Thru Rates (CTR) of 1-3% from this position, ONLY then should you consider whether to put your ad in the number 1-3 positions on Google.

Google Definitive Adwords Guide - Quality of Clicks

Remember there are 4 very key factors affect the quality of the clicks that come from these number 1-4 positions.

The number of competing ads. If there are only 2 other competitors for your keyword, DONT pay for the number 1 position. 2 or 3 are just as good if your ad content is compelling.

Whether or not you have restricted your campaign to run on just Google or its partner sites like AOL, Amazon etc. Only ads in positions 1-4 will show up on the other partner sites. The quality of clicks from partner sites varies according to your business. So test, track and test some more both with and without the partner networks turned on.

Whether or not you have negatively qualified your product. What do I mean by this? Number 1 positions attract researchers, competition and tens of other groups who have no intention of purchasing or interacting positively with your site. Sometimes putting a price directly in the ad will stop casual click researchers.

Each week, research the negative keywords that can affect your campaign.

Google Adwords - Using Negative Keywords wisely?

For some of us, negative words like free, liability, legal are obvious for reasons that I won't go into here. For others, getting paying traffic from people who initially entered the keyword free in their search query is simply a challenge to be accepted.

After determining the negative words, enter them into your campaign appropriately. I recently analyzed a campaign where over 50,000 was spent in 2005. The analysis showed that the lack of negative keywords costed this company in excess of a half a million dollars in 2005.

Take the information above as a position to start your experimenting and testing.
Lastly, a high CTR does not count if your conversions are simply not happening, right? Pay 4 dollars per click, get two hundred clicks in 4 hours that don't convert and what have you achieved?

Just a very expensive branding campaign, right?

Hence the quality of the Clicks is as important or arguably more important than simply the high number of clicks.

If you feel resonance with what was written here, and feel that you need some help in setting up/optimizing your own adword campaign, give me some information about your campaign and keywords here and I will get back to you.

Warm Regards

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Adwords Google: Setting your Max
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