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 Case Study: Making Money with Google AdWords + Amazon

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PostSubject: Case Study: Making Money with Google AdWords + Amazon   Sun 13 Apr - 16:59

Here is a guy (Larry Lim) who made a Case Study and spent $538 Singapore Dollars (USD 355) on Google AdWords and made some $1,995 SD (USD 1,317) through Amazon referral program. Thatís about 154% ROI (Return On Investment).

The product that he promoted was Windows Vista. Even though he earned USD 1,317 from the campaign, the actual total sales was USD 20,121. Thatís a lot of money, now imagine if that was your own product and not Amazon affiliate product.

Lessons to be learnt from this case study:

It can be done, and you can do it too! (i.e earn money without even owning a website)
Promoting the right product is important.
Timing of the campaign is important (he promoted Vista before itís launch)
What you need to get started:

Google AdWords Account.
Sign up for AdWords.
Amazon Associates or Similar Publisher Program.
Budget (The more the better).
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Case Study: Making Money with Google AdWords + Amazon
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