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 How To Make Money With Google AdWords

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PostSubject: How To Make Money With Google AdWords   Sun 13 Apr - 16:53

Google Adwords is a Pay Per Click advertising system set up by Google where you advertise a product you own or an affiliate product you are promoting on Google's pay per click network. Your ad is then shown as a "sponsored link" on a search results page for the keyword phrase that was searched for. When your ad is clicked upon, you pay Google.

The purpose of using a PPC system like Adwords is to help get targeted traffic to your web site. Adwords offers an alternative to getting that traffic through conventional means like SEO. If your website is not getting enough traffic through conventional means, Adwords campaigns can be used to jump start your promotions by sending those targeted visitors to your site. You can signup for an Adwords Account to get started and I highly recommend reviewing the tutorials and reading the help guide to get you acquainted with the way Adwords works!

I highly recommend that you also read the excellent resource on making money with Adwords called Google Cash. This is one of the first books I ever bought as an internet marketer and it gives you an easy to understand, methodical explanation on how to make a lot of money with Adwords. It is one of the best Adwords resources out there and has been a top seller for a long time.

That brings us to the next point. When you advertise on a pay per click advertising network like Adwords you have to pay for every click on your ad. The amount you pay is defined by how much you bid on the keywords you select that your potential customers are using as their search criteria.

So, you have to be careful that the amount you are paying per click does not cost so much that there becomes no way to make a profit on what you are promoting. You will get a large amount of impressions (page views) and your ad has to be good enough to get a high click through (CTR) to your site where you are selling your product. Once at your site, your customer still has to purchase your product. So your product has to be very high in demand (high conversion) and/or high priced enough to ensure profit. This is where a fine line exists when trying to make money using the Adwords pay per click advertising system and losing your shirt.

So how can you help make sure you turn a profit uisng Adwords pay per click?

The tips and tricks I list below are very important to follow to make sure you turn a profit using the Adwords pay per click marketing system. You will need all the help you can get and these tips are proven to better your chances at profit.

Only bid on exact keyword matches - an exact match for the keyword search term will make sure your ad is only shown for that keyword and you will know which keywords are resulting in sales.

Bid to be in position #2 or #3 - when you place your keyword bids, you want to be on the first page of the search results, but the #1 ad keyword is the top paying keyword. Having a #2 or #3 position is just as good and less expensive.
Negatively qualify your ads - put words in your ad that discourage people from clicking unless they are "pre-qualified" to convert to a sale. An example of this would be putting a price for your product in the ad.

Make separate Adgroups for each keyword within your Adwords campaign - allows you to maintain finer control over the ad text for each keyword which results in your ad being displayed for the exact search term being searched for.

Run a lot of keywords in your campaigns - top keywords are the most competitive and have the lowest click through rates. Using a lot of keywords allows your ad to have text that exactly matches the keyword search term with the result being fewer ads in competition with yours.

Split test your ads in your Adwords campaign - rotate the appearance of your ads to optimize click through rates.
Improve your ads in your Adwords campaign - If split testing reveals a clear winner ad for you, then remove the low performers and stick with the better ad for higher click through rates.
Track your ads by keyword in your Adwords campaign - know which keywords are costing you money and which are profitable which biols down to knowing how many people click on the ad and which of those convert into sales. A good tool for doing this is called Adtracks.
Put keywords in your ad text in your Adwords campaign - keywords that are part of the ad text appear in bold. This can really improve your click through rates!
Only run ads on the Google Search Network - default campaign settings are configured to have both Search Network and Content Network activated. Only use Search because you want your ad displayed to people that are actively searching for the keywords that trigger the display of your ad. Content Network ads may end up on an old relevent content website that won't do you any good.

Make no mistake about it - finding qualified, motivated buyers and getting them to your website when they are ready to buy is what doing business online is all about. This is where Google Adwords pay per click advertising comes in since it can provide your site with a steady stream of targeted visitors that are ready to buy. Using the tips above will really help your Adwords efforts pay off - try them out and see for yourself.

Please review these additional articles about Google Adwords techniques to enhance your knowledge about this subject.
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How To Make Money With Google AdWords
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