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 How to Use the Google AdWords Keyword Tool

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PostSubject: How to Use the Google AdWords Keyword Tool   Sun 13 Apr - 1:10

Step 1:
Sign in to your AdWords account if you have one, or visit AdWord's "KeywordToolExternal" link. Pick the ad campaign and group when you get to the main page.

Step 2:
Go to the "Keywords" tab to choose the "Keyword Tool." Find the field that reads "How would you like to generate keyword ideas?" Choose categories such as "Descriptive Words or Phrases," "Website content" or "Existing keyword" to generate a keywords list.

Step 3:
Enter a word or phrase into the search field that best describes your message, product or service. Type words such as "chocolate ice cream" if your are using the descriptive search option. Type the URL of a website into the keyword search if you want to get ideas based on its that site's content. You can also use the shaded keyword list on the search page to choose an existing keyword.

Step 4:
Filter your results after choosing one of the keyword search options in Step Three. This option narrows down to the top keywords related to your search. Pick "Get Keyword Ideas" to get a list of related keywords.

Step 5:
Read the keyword search volume statistics on the keyword search page. Select "Choose Columns to Display" to view advertising competition for your keywords. You can also view "Last Month's Search Volume" and "Avg Search Volume" to see the popularity of your keywords.

Step 6:
Create your own list in AdWords to save your keywords. Customize your list by adding a "Match Type," then click "Add" next to your keywords. Use the drop-down menu to add your keywords as a phrase, an exact type or a negative match.

Step 7:
Open your keyword list in a spreadsheet program such as Excel, then save your keyword list as a text or .csv (Excel) file to view it. Next, click "Save to Ad Group" in AdWords. Or, view "Estimate Search Traffic" after saving your list to see how many visitors searched for your content. Add or delete any keywords under this option, then save your changes.
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How to Use the Google AdWords Keyword Tool
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