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 Internet Marketing For Rookies

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PostSubject: Internet Marketing For Rookies   Sat 12 Apr - 19:51

Hello, my name is Joe Terceira Jr and Iím about to reveal a few methods of Internet Marketing. This article is great for everyone, but better suited for Internet Marketing Rookies. Now when I say this, I hope you as a rookie donít take offense to that because I myself was once a rookie. It takes a lot of trial & error before you can understand how these big time multi-millionaire Internet Marketers earn thousands and even millions of dollars selling products and or services over the Internet every single year. They donít have a hundred million dollar secret that no one knows about. They just perfected a way to maximize there advertising efforts very quickly and efficiently.

A wise man once told me that in order to succeed at something, you had to learn what doesnít work before you can understand what does. By knowing what doesnít work, you shave countless hours off of your Internet Marketing practices. It took me a long time to understand this theory but I did figure it out. I started to make mental notes of the things I had done that went unsuccessful, and made sure those things never happened again. I realized I had to start paying attention to all the small things that I thought were irrelevant, and implement those things into my day to day operations. Before I knew it, I had almost tripled the visitors I had in 1 month in an incredible 24 hours. That was a huge eye opener. So letís get into a few things that I have learned just donít work or how they do work.

Free Advertising:

Some people say this is the easiest way to advertise especially for Internet Marketing newbieís, but I say that is a load of bull. Free advertising has proved time and time again to be a waste of time especially when your advertising your main products. Let me explain how it does work and how you can turn this secret into a huge advertising machine. What you should be doing is advertising a free service or product on these free advertising sites. Everyone who visits these sites wonít click on anything unless it has the word free attached to it. Thatís why youíre not getting visitors. The product I have found to work the best is giving away a free eBook. I have developed one that you can use for your advertising efforts. Just visit my website below to pick up a free copy. I currently generate over 5000 leads per week using this method and some of my business associates average about the same. I simply advertise this free eBook on all free advertising sites and the response is overwhelming. Then I turn these free customers into paying customers. That is how I get this method to work. Do not advertise your main products or services or you will suffer dearly.

Banner Exchanges:

Banner Exchanges is another ineffective way to advertise unless you have a huge developed downline. When you join these banner exchanges you simply add there banner to your website and they add your banner to there website. Whenever a new banner appears on your site, you gain credits for your banner to appear on one of there network sites. Now until you build your banner affiliate network you will be wasting time opening and closing your browsers. Refer 10 people who each refer 10 and so and before you know it your banner is appearing in thousands of websites. Now again, donít attach your banners to your main product websites. These people who are viewing them are also people who are interested in free advertising so they wonít click on your banner unless it attracts is says free! Attach your banners to your free products or my free eBook and then follow up and make the sale once you have there information.

Ezine Ads:

Advertising in an ezine or newsletter is an effective way to gain website visitors. If you have not been exposed to this yet, it is time to get exposed. Type ezine or newsletter into any major search engine and you will come up with hundreds of thousands of listings. To put it in terms that youíll understand, basically someone owns a list of email addresses and provides them with great quality content. They also include ads with the content. Some charge a fee for this and others allow free postings. But like the 2 above advertising methods, the best way is once again advertising your free products or eBooks. This is truly an effective advertising method and you will see massive results instantly if you follow these guidelines.
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Internet Marketing For Rookies
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