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 The 9 Step Plan to Internet Marketing Success

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PostSubject: The 9 Step Plan to Internet Marketing Success   Sat 12 Apr - 19:48

1) Become more respected in your field every week. Appear in blogs and forums specific to your industry every week. Revisit your comments to see if anyone has replied to you, seeking clarification.

2) Submit one article a week for publication elsewhere. Strive to develop one-on-one relationships with other publishers. Ensure that you are renowned for writing quality oriented, informed articles, and that you’re available for further comment and interaction.

3) Add a minimum of two new articles to your website every week. Don’t just stick up your new site and then say, “Well, I’m glad that’s done. All I have to do is promote it now.” Search engines love a flow of continually new, relevant and informed content.

4) Keep your visitors. After you’ve worked hard at attracting visitors to your site, you need to ensure that you keep them. Use RSS, email newsletters, podcasts and other forms of visitor retention. Just because somebody isn’t a customer now doesn’t mean that they won’t be in the future.

5) Write press releases. Once a month you should be writing an article that is so good or stocking a new product that is so impressive you have to tell the world about it. This will keep you at the forefront of your industry.

6) Buy visitors. Your long-term aim is to create a website where your visitors always come back for more. Your short-term aim is to get to that stage as quickly as possible by buying visitors and promoting your website. You should still earn profit from buying visitors. If not, there’s something wrong with your advertising medium, product or website.

7) Analyse your traffic. Keep on top of who is referring your visitors to you, what kind of technical capabilities their computers have, where your visitors are from, how long your visitors are staying with you, which pages your visitors are viewing, whether or not conversion goals are being reached.

Cool Write an ebook. A professional looking ebook focusing on your industry does a lot for your credibility. More than that, it gives you an opportunity to put into effect one of the most constructive viral marketing forces available online today.

9) Keep your web knowledge present. As well as being a professional in your chosen industry, you need to be at the forefront of web business. Unless you stay abreast of new developments – and are willing to constantly amend your strategy - you’re acting like an old-fashioned, nationalised organisation competing with the global economy.
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The 9 Step Plan to Internet Marketing Success
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