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 Slinging Hash on the Web - How to Attract Hungry Internet Users

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PostSubject: Slinging Hash on the Web - How to Attract Hungry Internet Users   Sat 12 Apr - 19:47

What makes a good restaurant? Well, the obvious answers are the food, the staff, and the atmosphere. But what goes on behind the scenes and beyond the walls of the establishment is equally important to the place’s success. That is why restaurants of all sizes are creating web sites to support, promote and advertise their business.

You don’t have to be a four star, big city restaurant to establish a web presence. Even local cafes and brick and mortar eateries can use the web as a marketing tool. Consider these options:

Post reviews of your restaurant on your site to attract new customers
Post the menus so customers never have to scrounge around for take-out menus and your phone number
Post web only promotional deals such as “two for one meals” so customers will be tempted to check the site regularly
Encourage email feedback from you customers; they can contact the restaurant staff with suggestions or comments and viewers can read the exchanges
Earn a Competitive Edge As with other big businesses, the food industry is highly competitive. So give yourself an extra edge and build an attractive, easily accessible web site. If you are not computer savvy, hook up with a reliable and experienced web hosting company that will get you up and running in no time. Here are some elements they may suggest including on your site:

Basic information such as phone and fax numbers, hours of operation, the type of payment accepted, easy to follow directions including a map
History of the restaurant and profiles of the main staff, including the owner, chef, pastry chef, host or hostess
Convenient online ordering systems
Exciting new menu designs
Advertise weekly specials and promotions
The look of your restaurant, including the color scheme and logo, should be prominently displayed on your site. In this way, customers will feel an instant connection between the internet and the establishment. You can put your website address on all your merchandise as well in order to reinforce your web presence in your customers’ minds.

You will be amazed at the positive effects of having a functional web site. Your employees will spend less time fielding phone calls because customers can find just about everything they need to know by clicking a mouse. And a site also boosts the overall image of a restaurant; suddenly, even the local mom and pop joint has a more worldly air and a hint of sophistication.

As most restaurateurs know, there is nothing quite like the power of word of mouth. We bet some of your best customers hear about your food from a friend, who hears about it from a friend, and so on. A website is another sure fire way to start a buzz and garner new customers.

Having a website to promote, market, and advertise your restaurant is a smart move. Before you know it, all eating places will have them. We urge you to appease the hungry internet users out there today! When droves of new customers walk through your door you will be thrilled that you did.
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Slinging Hash on the Web - How to Attract Hungry Internet Users
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