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 The Nasty Six - 6 Internet Marketing Mistakes That Are Restricting Your Success

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PostSubject: The Nasty Six - 6 Internet Marketing Mistakes That Are Restricting Your Success   Sat 12 Apr - 19:42

It is estimated that only very few people actually make huge profits online. The majority are making losses, just breaking even or making very small profits.

What is the secret to being the ‘selected few’ who actually make money online? The failure by the majority of internet marketers is due to several factors.

What are the common mistakes that keep many internet marketers away from reaching their online business goals?

1. Inadequately designed websites
Your website is a crucial part of your online business. A lot people fail in their online businesses simply because of a poorly designed website. Your website must be easy to navigate, quick to load, attractive, professional and well laid out. Normally, simple but effective websites are the best. Make sure that your visitors will enjoy browsing your website and will stay long and buy from you.

2. Free domain hosting
Online customers tend to get the perception that you are not committed for the long term with your business if you use a free domain hosting for your online business. Having your own, appropriately named domain is professional and presents the image of an established and genuine business. Domain hosting is not expensive, so there is no reason why you should not get one.

3. Lack of high quality, helpful and unique web content
Online surfers look for useful information. Although the primary goal of your online business’ website is to sell your product or service, it is important for you to offer some valuable and useful information; and relevant tips or tools that are related to your online business. By doing this, you establish yourself as an expert, and you will also create credibility with your visitors and they will appreciate that you care for them and offer them your expertise.

4. No privacy policy statement
Confidence and sense of security is very important for online transactions. It is very essential for you to have a ‘privacy policy’ on your online business website. Your visitors or your online business’ customers will need to know that if there are any problems with their purchase, they can get those issues addressed. Your return or guarantee policies are very important. The email system is highly abused these days, so your customers will need to feel confident that you will not abuse their information they put on your website.

5. No credit card processing and / or unsecured credit card processing
In order to make sales with your online business, you must make it easy and safe for your customers to complete the transactions. Credit card payment is a ‘must-have’. However, due to some illegal activities online, it is important that you ensure that the credit card information your online business customers put on your site is safe. Identity theft is very rife, so it’s critical that you put all the necessary measures to make online transactions safe.

6. Lack of an auto responder email system on your website
Your best organic leads are the ones that visit your website. If you are not capturing these visitors’ emails so that you keep in contact with them, then you are simply losing a huge business potential. Offer an ezine on your website and make it very beneficial for your visitors to subscribe.
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The Nasty Six - 6 Internet Marketing Mistakes That Are Restricting Your Success
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