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 Duplication and Change in Internet Marketing

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PostSubject: Duplication and Change in Internet Marketing   Sat 12 Apr - 19:40

You have just launched a new internet business and are trying to get it off the ground with an amazing advertising campaign, except that it turns out to be not so successful. Most people want a return on their investment, but when they put money into something big, they expect immediate results, only to discover that they have nothing but an empty wallet and deflated confidence in themselves and in the process. What we must remember is that when we fail, which will happen at times without a doubt, we cannot stop at the first thing we try. In fact, we should not stop at all until we find something that works for us, while realizing that this will take an investment of time and money Ė the investment being different for each person. Once we find what works, we must duplicate that process and that effort until we see the results we are striving for. Also remember that when something is not producing the kind of results you want, then it may be time to make a change!

Making changes is something I have been trying to do over the past couple of weeks and will continue to do in the month ahead. I got to a point where I felt comfortable with my daily to-do list, which is a good feeling, and yet, being too comfortable with where Iím at is not always the best way to move forward. While encouraging and congratulating other internet marketers on their successes, I felt that it was time for me to do something different so that I could experience the same success.

There are some very positive actions I have taken in my business to create the success I have had thus far. One of the best ways I have created success for myself is through writing original articles such as this one and posting them to my blog every day or every other day. This is fast becoming one of the top ways to market your online business and my efforts here have been consistent. It has paid off by generating one-way links for me around the internet and having my articles used in other website ezines. I have also been successful with forum posting, and using traffic exchanges to promote my sites. I plan to duplicate and expand these processes over time by generating more one-way links via article and blog submissions, posting in more forums, and using more traffic exchanges.

I donít feel it is enough to stop there. While these methods are highly rated internet marketing methods, and it does take time to build momentum and status on the net, there is still much work to be done. Over the past week or two, I have started making some important changes that have already produced positive results for me, which, incidentally, makes me feel that my workload is about to increase 10-fold, but maybe so will my paycheck!

The following is a list of changes I have made, which you can think about too in your internet marketing efforts. I have: Added links to my main website page promoting a new program; Changed some of the text on my website; Joined three new traffic exchanges; Made a few posts on two new discussion forums; Posted free classified ads; Added a progress report to my blog; Decided to blog every other day instead of every day; Added one featured author per week, rather than every other day; Added more article submission sites to my list; Changed my author by-line; Commented on other peopleís blogs; Joined a blog rating service; Upgraded to Premium for my link service; Started reading more ebooks; Surfed for more traffic credits; Joined a new opt-in list service to get more subscribers; Joined a new team; And sent more personal emails, follow-ups, and broadcasts to my subscriber list.
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Duplication and Change in Internet Marketing
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