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 How To Quickly Supercharge Your Local Business Using The Internet - Part 6

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PostSubject: How To Quickly Supercharge Your Local Business Using The Internet - Part 6   Sat 12 Apr - 19:39

In this article, we’ll wrap up this series on how local business owners can multiply their profits by using the Internet and continue looking at the benefits of building a theme based content website as part of your marketing mix.

Would you like to consistently steal customers from your competitors because people see YOU as the local expert in your field, then increase sales to those customers by offering them additional products and services that you know they are looking for?

By building a relationship with your customers through your ezine and your informative website articles, your competitors won't be able to touch you.

Plus, when your customers tell their friends about the great service, specials and personal service you offer them, your competitors simply won't be able to compete with you.

Would you like to turn your customers into unpaid evangelists, who tell everyone they know about your and your Business in the best possible way?

As I mentioned earlier, by continually following up with your customers, using your ezine to survey them to find out what they want, and then give it to them.

They will recommend you to all of their friends because you continually offer them products or services they need and you stay in touch - most Businesses simply do not do this - and it costs them dearly.

Word of mouth marketing and personal recommendations from family, friends and associates is a far more powerful way of attracting new customers than anything you can say to them yourself. Use it whenever you can…

What would it mean to you if you were able to close your doors and take a couple of weeks holiday at Christmas time so you could spend a relaxing break with your family and still make consistent profits from your Business without any involvement from you?

By having an online presence, you can still make sales through your affiliate links and joint venture partners while you are on holidays or taking time off from your Business. The cash is automatically banked and all you have to do is spend it...

What kind of problems would having huge new streams of cashflow from your Business solve?

I can't think of any Business that couldn't use more cash flow. Your website will be the hub for multiple streams of income to flow into your life. Google AdSense, affiliate programs, joint ventures with other, non competing Business, as well as the sale of your own products or services has the potential to multiply your income.

Would you like to be able to hand your children a Money Tree Business when you retire early, instead of just giving them a job working in a Business they don' t really like? (that's if they even want to continue running your Business, that is...)

What would it be like to hand your kids a license to print money when you eventually decide to retire? It would certainly take the pressure off your family finances, wouldn't it. Many of these multiple streams of income are Residual - they flow no matter what you do. Set up correctly, the money will flow for years!

Or would you like to sell your Business for much more than money because you multiplied your sales and profits far above what you are making now?

How much more would your Business be worth if it earned three times as much net profit?

Probably a lot more I'd guess.

If you can show potential buyers a proven marketing plan, consistently increasing profits and how your Business is earning income from many sources (diversified income streams), they will be happy to pay you well.

And when you are ready to sell, you could use a headline something like this to start your advertisement -

Why Am I Selling My Business For $30,000 Below Market Value? Local Agents have told me that my Dry Cleaning Business is worth $330,000, but I don't want that much. I am prepared to sell to the first genuine person with $300,000 cash this weekend!

No matter what your Business is, (just substitute 'Dry Cleaning Business' for your type of Business) this headline will attract attention and make your telephone ring with calls from willing buyers.

Remember, when people call for an appointment to inspect your Business, arrange for every potential buyer to arrive at the same time and watch the feeding frenzy happen - the result will astound you!!

So now we have covered everything I promised in the introduction of the first article in this series.

I hope you can see why you do need a website for your Local Business. It truly offers you the highest leverage you can get when marketing your Business and increasing your income.

Now I know we have covered a lot of ground here, and you might be thinking that it's all too hard. But I promise you, if you really want to succeed in your Business, you can do it!

Plus, the Internet is still young - the opportunities are spectacular - so grab your share while you can, because it’s not always going to be like this…

Rocky Tapscott is the author a free 7 Part Mini Course "How To Build The Perfect Home Based Business Around Your Favorite Hobby, Pastime, Sport Or Skill" which uses 6 real life case studies to show how others have used a proven system to build profitable businesses around their favorite hobby.
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How To Quickly Supercharge Your Local Business Using The Internet - Part 6
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