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 How To Quickly Supercharge Your Local Business Using The Internet - Part 4

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PostSubject: How To Quickly Supercharge Your Local Business Using The Internet - Part 4   Sat 12 Apr - 19:38

In this series of articles we have been looking at how to supercharge your local business right under the noses of your competitors without them having a clue that you’re even doing it…

Today, we’ll look at how to use your website to Pre-sell your customers on doing business with you instead of anybody else.

Pre-selling means forcing yourself NOT to sell products or services to your website visitors.

Think about it - people come to your website from a search engine looking for information. If they find a sales pitch, they will usually just click away.

Pre-selling means giving them the relevant information that they are looking for, and then making a friendly recommendation on a product or service that might be just what they are after.

Pre-selling means writing informative articles that explain step by step how your visitors can solve a problem or find a solution to something that's bugging them.

Your articles should contain between 500 and 1000 words (although shorter or longer is OK, too, depending on what you have to say) and give your visitors information that is relevant to the topic that they searched for at the search engine.

You must be careful not to come across as trying to sell them anything to strongly at first or you will lose them in double quick time - the object of your article should be to educate, inform…and then recommend.

Once your prospects know what they need to do to solve their problem, you have earned the right make some recommendations for products or services that can help them do just that.

These recommendations will naturally be to buy your product or service (if it does indeed help them and provide the solution they are looking for, of course) or to some other product that you are affiliated with.

Remember, your content website merely offers a recommendation. If you try to sell on your content site, your visitors guard will be up and they will resist your offers. If they do then click through your sales site or that of your Affiliate Merchant's, they will feel doubly pitched to - and your chances of closing a sale are extremely limited - don't sell - Pre-Sell.

And finally - Monetization - the reward for all of this work

Content is building, Traffic is flowing, you are Pre-selling your visitors and informing them about how to solve their problems; now it's time to turn on the cash flow taps of your website.

If you provide good, valuable information about topics that interest your visitors, they will be receptive to your recommendations when you ask them to visit another site, call for an appointment or promote a product or service to them via an affiliate link.

So, now it's time to launch your ezine or online magazine.

Your ezine will be your most powerful marketing tool - email marketing is the 'killer application' of the Internet. It will help you create a relationship with your readers and place you right at the top of the pile as a knowledgeable 'expert' on the topic that they are interested in.

At first you will just send your subscribers quality, free information, but in the months that follow this little ezine will turn into a money a rule of thumb, for every subscriber on your ezine database, you can expect to earn between 10 cents and one dollar or more per month!

That's a pretty good case for building up a large ezine list as quickly as possible, wouldn't you agree?

Tell all your offline customers, friends and suppliers about your website and mention that there are always 'web-only specials' available there. Offer everyone you meet a gift Voucher or special discount coupon for a product or service in exchange for giving you their email address.

As you build more pages that complement the theme of your website, more visitors will find you via search engines and tell their friends about your website. Your customers will also continue to check out your 'web specials' because you are going to talk about them in your ezine.

And make sure you include Coupons for Special Offers in each ezine issue.

You have to make it super easy for people to join your Newsletter list, plus you should offer your visitors something for Free to encourage them to give you their email address.

It doesn't have to be an expensive item - a Free Report that you write yourself that provides additional quality information that isn't available anywhere else is a great incentive, a Discount Coupon or a Free Service of some type will encourage people to give you their email address.

And once you have their permission to send them messages via email, you can market your products and services, along with those of other Businesses you represent through Affiliate Programs, indefinitely, FOR FREE!

In the next article in this series, we’ll look further into how you can use email to produce an avalanche of sales and profits for your local business.

Rocky Tapscott is the author a free 7 Part Mini Course "How To Build The Perfect Home Based Business Around Your Favorite Hobby, Pastime, Sport Or Skill" which uses 6 real life case studies to show how others have used a proven system to build profitable businesses around their favorite hobby.
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How To Quickly Supercharge Your Local Business Using The Internet - Part 4
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