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 Finding Information Products for Your Online Internet Business

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PostSubject: Finding Information Products for Your Online Internet Business   Sat 12 Apr - 19:35

Building your own online information product business takes some work but the rewards can be great whether you are looking to create a part-time or full-time income. The first step is to locate a source for your content.

According to Jim Cockrum, a well know Internet entrepreneur who has been making a full-time living from the Internet for over 5 years, the best product to sell on the Internet is information. Selling info products that are purchased and downloaded while you are sleeping offers a great business to be in.

You may not consider yourself a good copywriter or eBook author but you can still market information products that others will pay you for while you sleep. Do you really want to be in the business of purchasing, ordering, inventorying, packaging, shipping, and doing customer relations when something goes wrong? People that sell “hard goods” on the Internet or in their eBay auctions need to deal with these things every day. If you are selling info products, life can be much better for you.

You do not need to create the content for your information product by yourself. You can purchase a membership with a business offering Private Label Rights, know as PLR, where you will get the rights to use the content from their site, re-edit it and even add your name as the author if you wish.

Another source of content for your info products is Public Domain information, which can be books, music, movie scripts, photos and much more. Anything published in the United States before 1923 is now in the Public Domain and is available for you to use and reprint to sell. In addition, published material between 1923 and 1963 may now be in the Public Domain if the author or publisher did not renew the copyright.

Do you know someone that may have an interesting hobby, skill, life experience or has written a “printed” book? You could interview them via the phone or in person with a voice or video recorder and create an information product from that.

Just start looking and listening and you will find all kinds of opportunities to help others and that can bring you many rewards including a good income. Here is an example of an opportunity for a new information product that I came across recently.

Our family attended an aviation event at a local airport. There was nothing special about the event although it was fun being together and seeing all the aircraft on display. My wife and I were walking around in the hanger of the aircraft museum looking at all the great vintage aircraft that people had spent thousands of hours restoring. Towards the front of the hanger, I saw a man talking to a couple women. He was in his sixties wearing a flight jacket and standing at a table full of books.

When I walked over to the table, I noticed that he was the author of the two books that were on display. Talking with him, I learned that he had over 19,000 flying hours in as an Air Force pilot as well as flying for charter companies in Japan and the Middle East.

His two books are available on Amazon and on the publishers’ website. You may know that most authors seldom make much money from the sale of their books unless the book makes it big time. I talked with him about helping him to promote his book and he was very interested.

I will look into doing audio and video interviews with him that I will package along with his hardcover books or sold separately. He has a very interesting story to tell that ties in with current events going on in the Middle East today. Marketing various parts of his story to certain niche groups should do well both for him and for me.
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Finding Information Products for Your Online Internet Business
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