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 Marketing System Essential Elements

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PostSubject: Marketing System Essential Elements   Sat 12 Apr - 19:31

What are the essential elements to a great internet marketing system?

1. You must have your own website. The best type of website to have is a traffic portal designed to peak someone's interest quickly by offering them free information and free components that will help them with their marketing efforts. Several of these traffic portals, each with a different theme and appeal will reach out to people of different needs and taste. By doing so you will attract their attention and make yourself noticeable. People love to get free stuff. Give them what they want, something free.

2. When you capture their interest you need a way to build a relationship with them that is natural and has them coming to you. If they like your traffic portal and want what you are offering for free, you need a sign up form to get their vital information so you can contact them in the future. You don't start right out trying to sell them. Who likes being sold to, right? First be a friend.

3. After you have made contact by way of your traffic portal and gathered their information by way of a sign up form, you need a way to follow up. The next important thing you need is a system to capture email addresses, organize them and follow up with an auto-responder. This sounds like a lot doesn't it? It is a lot and if you need all of these important items built into your system, you are probably wondering. Where in the world can I get all that? How much would all that cost?

4. But wait, we're not done yet. After you gather their information and make contact by way of an auto-responder, what then? It that it? What if I don't hear from them again? What if you could send unlimited auto-responders? What if you could change the subject, lay out several options?

5. Next you would want a way to track all of this. Because it wouldn't do you any good if you were not organized and didn't know who was contacting you and for what reason or from what marketing campaign. Did you know tracking is expensive? It really is. Sometimes a good tracking system alone can run $50 a month. But it is essential to a good marketing system.

6. What about spam? How can I avoid that problem? Well your system needs to be verifiable. Add that to your ideal marketing system. A verifiable e-mail system is essential to build your valuable opt-in list that you can market to again and again.

7. As you capture information from your sign-ups from your traffic portal, what you have is a premium lead. The kind of lead that was produced by your traffic portal. The kind of lead that was touched by your free offer of information or service. This is now your premium lead.

8. What do you do with this premium lead? They are right there listed with all your other's in your list of e-mail addresses, but wait; you have captured not only their e-mail address with your traffic portal, but you have captured their address and phone number from the sign-up form on your traffic portal. You now have the ability to call them. That's right, call them. They are your premium lead that you produced with your very own marketing system. Time to call them and build a relationship. Most likely they are just like you, building an internet business. They need help. They need a friend. They don't need a sales pitch. When you call, be a friend. Be friendly. Thank them for signing up at your traffic portal. Welcome them and offer your help and more great free stuff. Where do you get this great free stuff to give away?

9. Help them build a complete marketing system just like you have. In helping others you help yourself. The final essential element is your own main offer. What is it you are selling? Is it relevant to your leads you are developing? Their are many affiliate programs available for you to sell someone else's product or service. If you don't have your own product or service to sell, their are many available. If you have your own product that is fine too. But you must build confidence in the minds and hearts of your leads before you can sell them. When they trust you, they will trust your product.

We know that all of these elements exist. Their are many companies who market each of these products. But what if you could get all these elements and a whole lot more in one integrated system and the training to make it all work? You may need to know about Search Engine Optimization,HTML and advertising methods. You may need to know how to set up auto-responders and how to write good emails and good copy. And perhaps a million other little things essential to your success.

If only I could find all this in one place and have someone train me, for free of course, and hold my hand and tell me how they did it. Perhaps then I could be successful. If you try to put a price on all of these elements, it would be very difficult. Could be hundreds a month if you got them piecemeal.
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Marketing System Essential Elements
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