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 Two Step Internet Marketing For Doubling Your Income

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Sangeeta 80

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PostSubject: Two Step Internet Marketing For Doubling Your Income   Sat 12 Apr - 19:28

If you're running ezine ads, you may be missing out on 50% or more of your money...

You are...if you're advertising the wrong way!

The easiest way to run any type of online ad is to send them right to your web page. It makes sense. You send them to your web site. They read your sales letter.

Some of them buy. The majority do not.

This is NOT the most effective way to advertise. You will have better results and earn more profits if you don't advertise your web site directly.

Instead, advertise a Free Report by email. Then have the report send them to your web site for the sales letter.

There are two major advantages to this system. Advantage number one is that it doesn't require them to quit what they're doing. They're sitting there reading an ezine when they see your ad.

For them to go to a web site requires them to quit doing that, pull up their browser, and visit your web page. If they're reading your email in Hotmail or another browser based email reader they'll have to leave it or open a 2nd browser.

For them to email for your report simply requires for them to click on your email link and send a blank message. That's much less work and doesn't require them to do anything different than they're already doing.

They can go right back to reading and finishing the ezine.

The 2nd advantage of this system is that you have now captured their email address. You can follow-up on them. If they visit your web page, you get one shot. If they give you their email address you can try 3 times, 5 times, 10 times, or more to make the sale.

You can highlight different headlines, different benefits, etc. You get maximum opportunity to make the sale.

Follow-up can create an incredible difference. Your web site might only sell 2% of visitors. Email follow-up may be able to sell 4%. Even if it only sells 3% you'd still be earning a lot of extra income.

Plus, if they decide they don't want to buy this product, you can now offer them additional products they may want on down the road. When you send a visitor to a web page, you may or may not earn a profit. It's a one shot opportunity.

Build a list of prospects and you can profit forever. It makes it almost difficult to lose money advertising.

This method is called the "Two Step" method of advertising and it's nothing new. Marketers have used classified ads, postcard ads, etc. with this type of method for years.

Instead of trying to make a sale from an ad, they ask the prospect to call in or mail in for more information. They then send out letters, make calls, etc. until they make the sale.

The Internet just takes this system to another level. In the old days, you'd have to pay for every letter you sent to your prospects.
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Two Step Internet Marketing For Doubling Your Income
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