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 My Biggest Marketing Mistake -or- How to Blow Up Your Head.

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PostSubject: My Biggest Marketing Mistake -or- How to Blow Up Your Head.   Sat 12 Apr - 19:17

Several years back I ran a website located at I spent a great deal of my time working on the site and learning how to promote it. I soaked up every bit of information I could. I spent two years learning and applying everything I got my hands on. Some of the techniques worked some didnít. There was even one situation where I lost my ISP for spamming using a site to blast my ads to millions of sites. You have seen these types of sites, right. I truly believed, or hoped, that this site would help me. It didnít.

I tried many techniques until I finally settled on a few simple but effective techniques that really did drive traffic to my site. Some of these techniques were article distribution and viral marketing. Neither of which caused me to lose my ISP or anger anyone. Both techniques worked.

As my site actually began to generate significant sales I created a resell rights package called Ebook Monster. Do you remember it? This package began to gain popularity so all of the links back to my site were being used frequently and driving more traffic that generated sales for me. Outstanding!

At this time I had to undergo a tremendous transition in my life. I divorced my husband and moved to another state. This transition was a difficult one but I continued to work on my site. I finally found a great apartment to move into. Things were looking up. During the move my car was stolen. It just happened to be stolen while I was moving my computer and backup files. All of my work was gone! My website, articles, ebooks, everything.

With all the money that I was spending on moving to another state and what not, I could not afford another computer. For sometime after that I tried to upkeep my site on a friends computer. To make a long story short- with all of the major changes and stumbling blocks I was eventually no longer able to keep up my site. I apologize to my customers at the time.

After working and trying to get by on a day to day basis, I finally purchased another computer. I had missed working on my sites and keeping in contact with my customers. Five years later I discovered that my Ebook Monster package is still in circulation. I couldnít help but wonder about all of the return links to my site. I found myself actually purchasing eooks that I had written myself to investigate. I discovered that these ebooks basically contained an enormous amount of links to a site that was no longer active.

How come no one had purchased the domain to use all that return traffic to their benefit? I
went about the process to try to repurchase the domain. What I found was that you could not purchase my old domain name for less that $1000. It was now a most wanted domain!

!KABLAM! ďPammy brains everywhere!Ē

Since then I have put together a new site and I continue to use the tried and true techniques to promote. Article distribution and viral marketing. I suppose things happen for a reason. I have learned from all of my marketing mistakes and promotion is much simpler now. I intend to share information of all my trials and tribulations with the world in the hope that I can save someone from all of the mistakes that I made myself. My new packages will reflect that.

I could kick myself to think about all of the traffic then and still that I canít take advantage of. This is just one extreme example of why you must persevere. Your efforts really do pay off.
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My Biggest Marketing Mistake -or- How to Blow Up Your Head.
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