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 Top 5 Reasons Why You Should Not Try Internet Marketing

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PostSubject: Top 5 Reasons Why You Should Not Try Internet Marketing   Sat 12 Apr - 19:16

I was an "average joe". I bought into all the hype about Internet Marketing a few months ago and purchased some of the eBooks you've seen advertised to learn more about the subject. You don't have to do this. You can buy any number of them, I've found, they all basically say the same things.

If you follow the steps in them and are persistent to become a Pro, I believe you will.

I have been doing marketing for several months now and with persistence, I will quit my job in a few more months and do this full time.

This brings us to "Top 5 Reasons You Should Not Try Internet Marketing".

1. You are already wealthy

If you are reading this you are probably not wealthy. I have personally bought several marketing eBooks to compare and each one had valuable information that really works.

I'm not saying there are not scams out there but my experience has shown, you can make big money by implementing what you learn and be persistent.

2. You're a tight wad and won't spend less than $25

Take it from an "average joe turned PRO", you can surely do without 1 Mountain Dew for a few days to get started.

3. You have no ambition at all

Internet Marketing is a job. It takes work, but it does pay well.

One thing I don't believe is you're going to make millions by working very little.

Treat Internet Marketing as a business and you will succeed.

4. You're scared to try something new, like web sites

When I started in the business I had no idea how to build a website.

I bought an awesome program and read the manual. Today, plus working a full time job, I crank out a website a week.

Now, you can build a site online for free, find free hosts, and pay $6-$8 for a domain name.

It's very easy and it doesn't cost too much.

5. You want to stay an "average joe"

I don't know why. Do you believe money is not everything?

I don't believe money is everything but it sure helps.
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Top 5 Reasons Why You Should Not Try Internet Marketing
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