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 Internet Marketing Low Down

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Sangeeta 80

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PostSubject: Internet Marketing Low Down   Sat 12 Apr - 19:15

What are the best methods of making money online? Is it selling some one else product? Is it creating your own product and selling it? Or is it just plastering your site with Google adsense or any other PPC (Pay Per Click) company.

Since my few months in Internet Marketing I have seen many people struggle with all sorts of dilemmas. Many have been trying to convert those people they get in to sales! But why are they finding it so hard? Why are the new guys not converting like the pro gurus that are around now?

Many new comers fail to see the big picture; they read e-books that mislead them into quick success and that within the first month they will be earning thousands of pounds by doing just what they did. And what is it they did to earn that amount of money?
They made there very own product and told other people to sell it to make thousands of poundsÖ What happens then is that this guy that promised you loads of money is sitting back while you earn him money!

Ok sure you will be getting a cut in the profits but in most cases that will be very little compared to what the person that told you to sell his e-book. Donít get me wrong, this is very good viral marketing and you can make loads of money in selling other peoples products. Places like Clickbank are prime examples on how you can just grab a product; kick start Adwords and start getting those sales in.

There are only a few E-books out there that give them user the choice on how to start making there millions; their empire! Let me list a few of the different ways you can start making money online, but be warned! These are not simple easy escape routes to fame and riches! You will have to put some work in to getting these methods to work. I will start with the basics to the complicated.

Affiliate Marketing:

Affiliate Marketing is probably the easiest way to start earning money online, you sign up to an affiliate market such has Clickbank and pick your product. You can then start posting your URL which links to your affiliate account around the Internet to start earning money. Simple? Well it can be if you have good knowledge of the Internet and how it works. Affiliate marketing basically redirects your affiliate link to the ownerís product web site. This in turn will allow the affiliate market know when some one has bought that product through your link.

The best way to get your link known is through Article Submission and using AdWords to promote the selected product. Many Article directoriesís though have strict rules and have people posting cheap looking articles that are only intended to get there affiliate link out. Adwords in the other hand is a very good way of getting people to see your link but is very costly. If you donít know what you are doing then you could end up wasting so much money and ending up gaining little. Iíd advise any one that wants to use Adwords to buy a well known e-book on the matter.

AdSense (PPC)

AdSense could earn you loads if you know how to design web sites and promote them. Finding niches that hardly any one is competing against has got to be one of the hardest parts of trying to build and AdSense Empire. But what is an AdSense Empire you ask?

An AdSense Empire is a string of web sites that are pulling in visitors from search engines. Letís say you have 5 sites that earned $1 every day, thatís $5 a day with your adsense. Now imagine 100 web sites doing that much! Thatís a nice $100 a day for doing nothing! Well I say nothing, it takes time and effort to get to this goal, and it could even take over 2 years depending on your knowledge. But once you get this far and you have far more knowledge then when you start there will be no stopping you.

Here are just two of the top Internet Marketing profitable ways to start earning money. I will release my next article within a few weeks which will follow on with more ways to earn your dream online using Internet Marketing.
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Internet Marketing Low Down
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