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 The whole theory of Internet Marketing

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PostSubject: The whole theory of Internet Marketing   Sat 12 Apr - 19:12

Online advertisement of any service, product, business etc is all about internet marketing and that marketing is a necessity of any business which is online. Every online business is in the form of website. Having a website about a particular business is not a big thing. The main work starts after this that how to make a website well know among the people who are using internet and have interest in that you have. Online web site promotion is called internet marketing. Well there are many factors involves in promotion of any website.

One way is mouth to mouth marketing. In this you advertise your business’s website by telling everyone that is around you. That community of people is very short. If a person is not in that community and he is fully interested in your service at that time you are helpless.

2nd way is email marketing that you send “Electronic mail” to people around internet. But that method is good but not very useful. For example many people block that kind of mails as a spam. So the emails got deleted by their spam filter.

3rd way is that you entered your website into the online directories or search engines. Well there is not much difference between search engines and online directories. Directory is about the collection of many websites. People come to the directories in searching of their desired service. On the other hand search engine is also about a huge collection of websites. Now a days search engines are more familiar than directories. Experts say that 85% to 90% websites are visited though search engines. Search engines are the origin of internet marketing. Let’s take a look at some more ways.

o Blogs
o Articles
o Affiliate programs
o PPC advertising
o Banner advertising

Before describing all the aspects of search engine marketing (SEM) 1st talk about the term called “Search Engine Optimization”. SEO is a process to make any websites popular in the eye of search engine. Most of the search engines have a crawler that is also called spider as well. Spider visits every website’s single page and sees how much that website is helpful for human and according to its algorithm. Spider also sees that how many quality websites voting for you. After taking all these notice that website comes on the top of the search engine. As we all know that people usually concern with the search engine when they are looking for something over the internet. SEO’s terminologies can make your website useful for the human and friendly for the search engine. So you can get more visitors which is a very gainful thing for any online business.

Here are some more factors involve in ‘SEO’

 Webdesign template
 Website Content
 Internal linking
 Inbound link
 Meta tags
 Keywords

When you are doing any website’s search engine marketing you should have bewared of the behavior of search engine’s spider. There is no way to hide you or to cheat any search engine. There are 2 types of strategies used in SEO field.

 White hat SEO
 Black Hat SEO

White hat SEO:

This strategy is very simple that you make your website search engine spider friendly and follow its rules (algorithm) and criteria.

Black Hat SEO:

Black hat search engine optimization is that you don’t follow its rules (algorithm). And find out the shortcuts to achieve the top listing. All the search engines dislike that strategy.

There are many people who bet guaranteed top 10 positions in all the search engines. Don’t get fool by listening them. In some way they are right in getting any top 10 position but for that purpose they are cheating with the spider. When the search engine comes to know about the cheat they programmed their spider to kick out those websites who used this trick. After that what happened is that your sites will be gone into the darkness. Suddenly the traffic you are getting from any search engine comes down. And you will be panelized for some times or for longer. You can’t claim any body. Your email query will be return as a failure notice. This is the terminology that I have explained above “Black hat SEO”. Therefore I’ll suggest to follow White hat SEO. So you can get the static rank in any search engine. Well search engine ranking methods getting change day by day. Make various search engine marketing strategies, do some experiments as well. Take a bull’s eye on the movement of your site in the search engine

Use of the SEO or internet marketing tools is useful for making different affective strategies. As there are many tools available on the internet the only thing is to find out the best one. By using of SEO tools you can check your website popularity, rank. Not only that you also can check out your competitors. By monitoring them you’ll come to know many useful things. You also can find out the top rated keyword.
“Keywords are just the phrases that people use for searching their desired service into the search engines”
Keywords are much important in SEO marketing. You have to choose the right keywords that your website is optimize for. A website is optimized with irrelevant keywords will not drive any decent traffic for the long time. Linking to the other sites is very useful and easy internet marketing technique. There are 3 types of linking given below

 One way linking
 3 way linking
 Reciprocal linking

All means that you are putting other website’s html code on your webpage and other website’s owners put your websites codes on their web page.

There are many search engine optimization companies which are providing (SEM) and (SEO) services that help you to apply those techniques. Search engine never refer any seo firm. They always say that nobody can put your websites on the top. It has to be checked by the spider. Anyways that is not harm that you hire a search engine marketing firm who optimize your website in an effective way.

Internet marketing articles are also a useful source of information about SEO. Many SEM expert people usually write very informative article about search engines. They talk about the current search engine’s behavior. And by reading them you can make a better strategy.

Affiliate internet marketing is an other way of advertisement. You make some affiliate partners who place your product and services on their website. And start selling them. This is the best way of increasing sales of any product or service.

Internet & search engine marketing tips

For the Improvement of your website’s search engine ranking there are some tips. By using them you can boost up your online business significantly.

 Make an effective web design template and development plan.
 Your web promotion plan should not be conflict with any search engine’s criteria.
 Don’t cheat search engine or the people as well.
 Always write Blogs, RSS, Press releases, reviews and articles. That will help for making your strong online presence.
 Get in touch with affiliate, reseller and associate programs.
 Hire internet marketing consultant who analysis your marketing plan and suggest you some tips if needed.
 Provide some free services from your website.
 Use email marketing strategy and use some efficiently and effectively email auto responders
 Focus on major search engines and optimized your websites with the keywords
 Do some link building and get some quality back link to your site.
 Don’t follow “Black hat SEO” rules.
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The whole theory of Internet Marketing
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