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 Success Tips for Internet Newbies

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PostSubject: Success Tips for Internet Newbies   Fri 11 Apr - 22:20

There Are So Many Lies

Nothing is for free and riches donít happen overnight. But with consistency and determination you can succeed and make a very good living.

The Biggest Mistake That Newbies Make

When you are first starting out the biggest mistake you can make is to dive in without having any knowledge about marketing. Itís not necessary to spend months learning but at least start out with a basic knowledge. You will learn as you go along. Set up a schedule and stick to it. But donít become a slave and feel overwhelmed. Master what you learn. With persistence you will succeed.


Learning from someone who has achieved some level of success would not only accelerate the learning process but also the time for you to build your business. Isnít this someone you want to learn from? Take the opportunity if someone can mentor you. They have had more experience and you can learn so much from what has worked for them and what hasnít. After all they started off just like you.


These should be at the top of any newbieís list when they are first starting out. Goal setting keeps you focused and you will get so much more achieved. Statistics show that those who work with goals succeed compared to those who donít goal set.

The key with goals is to break them down. Write out your goals starting first what you want to accomplish in a year and then break those things down into monthly, then weekly, and then daily. But you need to start the process.

There are books on the subject of writing goals. Purchase one if you feel you want to get some good ideas.

A Business Guide

This is invaluable when you are first starting out. It can be quite overwhelming and confusing when you are first starting out. Having a guide that you can follow in steps keeps you focused and motivates you to take action. Without action you will never get anything accomplished. A guide also acts as your map. We would never think of driving long distance without a guide. It shouldnít be any different in our business. We know where we want to arrive in our business. And with a guide it gives us the direction we need on the road in our online journey.

Marketing with free makes it long and tedious.

If you value yourself and your business you will want to invest a little money. It is best to invest some money in software that will automate the working process for you. You can then focus your efforts in other areas to grow your business. A serious business builder is willing to invest not only their time but also some money. Consider how much money is invested into conventional businesses. Hundreds of thousands of dollars in most cases.

Keep Current About the Internet

Things are changing constantly. You need to keep up with everything going on in your industry. Subscribe to newsletters or join a forum. You can get a wealth of information from just those two sources.


If you can attend live events do so. Itís a great opportunity to network and creating relationships which can lead to things such as venture partnerships which can be profitable for your business.

The way to get started is to quit talking and begin doing
-Walt Disney Ė
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Success Tips for Internet Newbies
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