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 Internet Marketers -- What Are You Selling?

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PostSubject: Internet Marketers -- What Are You Selling?   Fri 11 Apr - 22:14

Those of us who are doing business online know that whether you’re selling diets or a business in a box, you’re really selling information. Most internet users could go down to the local Walmart or Albertsons and get the necessities of life without ever turning on their computer.

But the successful internet marketing sites are selling something local markets don’t; and that’s information. Oh sure the average consumer can ask a store clerk or ask a neighbor; but many of us don’t know our neighbors, we’re not sure that clerk really knows the real scoop and who has time to do research at your local library?

So we go to the internet and find all the information we could possibly need at our fingertips. That’s the reasons this is called the ‘Information Age’; because at the touch of a button our insatiable need for information can be satisfied.

If you look at those that make it big – the super affiliates and super marketers – you’ll find they sell information. As someone pointed out recently, even Bill Gates (or maybe especially) sells information. He sells software; something we all use in our very own computers.

When my computer is on the fritz or my internet connection is down it’s as bad as when the electricity is off. I instinctively reach for that light switch even when there’s no power. If I’m cut off from the internet – there is always something I need to know (usually several things) and I’ll instinctively head for the computer to get the information – only to remember its down.

And I’m not alone. More and more the internet is where everyone turns for information. It’s second nature to us now. That’s what people do on the internet - they gather information. And that’s what the search engines want to provide for their searchers. Sites full of information. So the savvy marketer will provide just that.

Whether your niche is that diet or business, you know the first thing potential customers want is information. If you’re not providing information first, you’re not providing what those ‘on-line’ are looking for. You want them at your site, reading your information and then when they make up their mind, they’ll buy your product.

But what sort of information are your potential customers looking for? That’s easy enough to find out; and it’s free. You can go to newsgroups and forums where your customers hang out. Ask questions or maybe even answer a few. Interact and find out what they’re searching for.

Then provide that information. Research the topic and compile what you learn so you are the ‘go to’ person for that topic. And why should these intrepid internet information gatherers come to you, rather than the countless others out there who have similar information? Because you’re going to give them the better value. If they buy your information – your eBook – or your report, you’ll give them additional valuable information. They may be able to get a comparable product from someone else, but they won’t be able to get the additional info without buying from you.

It’s all about information. In order to be a success you certainly need to know what you’re selling – and what we’re selling online is information.
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Internet Marketers -- What Are You Selling?
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