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 Even Airtel works in Kabul

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PostSubject: Even Airtel works in Kabul   Thu 10 Apr - 18:09

am already a fan of Vinod Sharma’s articles in the HT. He now describes his journey to Kabul. The Indian influence on the society is apparent. There have been reports that suggest that people are already addicted to the ‘Saas-Bahu’ Indian soaps so much so that streets are empty during the time of their broadcast, marriages are stopped and thiefs make merry stealing things from the overwhelmed Ekta Kapoor fans. All the accessories of a car was stolen in Kabul and ‘thank you kyun ki saas bhi kabhi bahu thi‘ was written on it. (kyun ki saas bhi kabhi bahu thi is a famous Indian soap which moves like a snail’s pace. Basically its an hyperbolic display of emotions which is not even remotely pragmatic. Everyone exploits an emotional fool and that’s what Ekta Kapoor specializes in). Bollywood stars are famous in Kabul with pictures of stars easily available on the streets. I wonder why India always fails to exploit these associations
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Even Airtel works in Kabul
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