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 Vodafone tookover Airtel? Real Facts here!

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PostSubject: Vodafone tookover Airtel? Real Facts here!   Thu 10 Apr - 18:01

Of late, there's been an email circulating which asks you to login to and as Vodafone logo and details appear on the site, gives you an impression that Vodafone has taken over airtel. Below is real facts behind the story, provided by Anurag Setia. (He doesn't have a blog on internet hence i'm not giving link and publishing his report here with permission)- ShrinidhiActual write up starts...I got atleast 10 people showing me the site and laughing off how Vodafone has taken over Airtel site.... and I pity everyone who's thinking something like this without understanding what actually is behind all this.First the domain name doesnt belong to Bharti Tele Ventures Ltd, the Airtel service provider that we know in India. They have their site up at or at Second, if your organization's name is India, doesnt imply that you would surely get domain available.. if its taken u might try and negotiate to buy
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Vodafone tookover Airtel? Real Facts here!
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