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PostSubject: Archive for the 'Copywriting' Category   Thu 10 Apr - 0:29

What’s the real reason that people buy your product or service? It’s probably not because of your professionally designed website, colorful logo, or refrigerator magnets. It’s because they believe that your product or service will benefit them. That’s all they care about. Everyone is constantly on the lookout for products and services that offer benefits that are important to THEM.

Here’s a quick way to find all the benefits of your product or service. Take a blank piece of paper. Write on the top

“Someone would want to buy my product or service because…”

then, start listing the benefits. Here’s a sample.

“They will lose weight”

“They can get healthier”

“They can fit into new clothes”

Finished? Ok, now take each of those benefits and DIG out THEIR benefits. Like this

“People buy my product so that they can lose weight”

“So they can look better”

“So they’ll be in better shape”

“So they’ll have more dates”

Simply repeat this process over and over. Dig.

This is a really easy way to uncover all the benefits that your product or service has to offer. Include them all in your copy and ads. You never know which benefit will be exactly what your market is searching for!

In order for your ad or copy to be effective, you need to get into the head of your client or prospect. You need to enter the conversation that they’re already having in their mind. They need to know that finally, you’re offering them a solution!
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Archive for the 'Copywriting' Category
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