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 Copywriting Tips to Make Any Website Sell Better

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PostSubject: Copywriting Tips to Make Any Website Sell Better   Thu 10 Apr - 0:26

Here’s what works best from actual results and testing on dozens of websites we’ve done the copywriting for.

1. Websites have one main end purpose and that is to sell your products and/or services, to move people to action, to make money. In today’s high-tech world, most copywriting on websites forgets this vital fact and that is why they don’t perform better.

2. Make the website easy to “scan” with headlines, sub headlines, boxes, sections, colors and the like that give the reader the main benefits he will get. Almost all people are “scan first” or “scan only” readers. The headlines and sub headlines should take advantage of this fact.

3. Tell the reader what he will LOSE if he does not take the recommended action. Fear of loss is a great motivator.

4. Build up excitement, enthusiasm, passion and urgency to get the reader to take the desired action right now. Yes, excitement is contagious and it sells!

5. Make a great offer to get the prospect’s email address. In today’s overcrowded environment and with spam concerns, it’s not enough to just say “enter your email address for our newsletter.” Make a great offer including special reports, bonuses and the like in addition to the newsletter to get the maximum number of qualified signups.

6. Focus the copywriting because people want to buy from the expert specialists in a field. If the copy is too broad it will lose a lot of the best prospects, who of course, are the most likely to buy. A great way to do this is to have separated focused web pages for separate types of people or industries on the website.

7. Make the website as easy to use and find things as (for consumers) or (for businesses). The copywriting and organization of these sites is a key reason they are ultra-successful.

8. Start thinking like the website reader (the prospect) and stop thinking like the marketer. Figure out what the prospect wants most from the products or services that they deliver, then come right out and tell him what benefits he’ll get, why, and what he needs to do now. Simple but it brings in billions.

9. Compare the product or service against the competitors to show and prove it’s superiority.

10. Copywriting is king and queen for the website to sell the maximum number of people. The right copywriting can bring up to double, even triple or more the current results for no additional marketing cost. Hire the best copywriter the business can afford, and don’t skimp because this one-time investment can be one of the best investments.

11. Test everything, measure it, use the winner, and always keep testing. This is the key to “optimizing” the website and all your marketing. Don’t guess – test and let the only vote that matters (the prospects) decide what works best.
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Copywriting Tips to Make Any Website Sell Better
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