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 6 Things to Increase Your Affiliate Income

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PostSubject: 6 Things to Increase Your Affiliate Income   Tue 8 Apr - 22:33

So you've signed up for affiliate programs, posted links around thenet but you're still only making pocket change? Wonder what others aredoing that you aren't? Below you will find 6 things that everyaffiliate marketer needs to increase their income.

#1 - Your own Website:

Build a website to promote the product. Make sure it has its own paidfor domain name (, not a free site like( If you don't know how to build a website there are lots of places that offer simple site builders or you could choose to have someone build a site for you.

#2 - Write reviews:

You need to know your product and preferable use it yourself so thatyou can write honest reviews about it. What better way to promote aproduct and get people to believe it's great than to say you use ittoo? Post these reviews on your website, in your newsletters, articlesand any other site you visit that gives you an opportunity to do so.

#3 - Use a Blog:

I recommend that you get a Blog and link back and forth to yourwebsite. This will allow you to create discussions on the blog aboutthe product you are selling and list any updates to your regularwebsite. Active Blogs are indexed quicker by many search engines thanare new sites, and after the blog is indexed, the pages you havelinked to the blog will also get indexed.

#4 - Write Articles:

One of the best ways to become an expert on your product is to writearticles on the Internet and include a link to your website in theresource box. There is a plethora of places to submit articles and themore you write, the more people will trust what you are saying. Youget more exposure, more people coming to your website; more clickthorough of your affiliate link to purchase the product thus makingyou more money.

#5 - Put your links in your signature lines:

Never allow a sale to pass you by! If you are a member of even oneforum, you need to have your affiliate link in your signature line.It's free advertisement and you never know who will see it and clickthrough to check out your product.

#6 - Use Links instead of banners or buttons:

Due to the overwhelming amount of pop-ups and flashy text that we geteach time we visit a website, people have learned to block out theseas well as banners and buttons. It's much more professional lookingand effective to have a text link with a few lines about the product.

If you are serious about increasing your affiliate income I suggestyou at least do some further research on the things I have listed. Ifyou choose to use these suggestions and take the time to do themcorrectly, I believe you will see an increase in your income. If youwould like more information on Affiliate Marketing or want to readother articles I have written, please visit www.mommysplacenet Please feelfree to contact me anytime if you have any questions or feedback.
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6 Things to Increase Your Affiliate Income
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