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 The Simple Tools That Will Boost Your Affiliate Sales

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PostSubject: The Simple Tools That Will Boost Your Affiliate Sales   Tue 8 Apr - 21:42

First of all before you start any kind of Internet business you need to understand that this business is really multifaceted. There is no way you can know or be an expert in all the different parts of this business. You will never have any success if you hope to "learn" it all.

Continue to look for ways to outsource most of the work, so that you can start making money faster. Always look for free tools and help you can along with your outsourcing. So if you are an affiliate or a owner of a product who want to use affiliates to help you to increase your sales then this article is going to be very important to you.

As an affiliate, you should always be looking for a leg up. Below are some question you will come across:

What advantage will you get over another affiliate?

How can your marketing message be spread over a greater audience?

How can you make sure the information you are giving about a product you are promoting is accurate?

To be honest with you, the answer to the above question is affiliate tools.

As a product owner if you want to use affiliate to help drive your sales then you should think yourself as an affiliate. So what affiliate tools will help your affiliates better market the new product or service? Am sure the answer is to give the very best content and affiliate tools to your affiliates because you should know that your affiliates are valuable to your promotion.

If your affiliate have success in promoting your product using your affiliate tools, there is pretty great chance that they will help you promote your new product in the future. Product owner need to be creative with their tools, and definitely need to test which tools work the best, they also need to be testing the copy for the sample emails.

Again I want to reiterate the important of affiliate tools. Affiliate can help you bring in huge amount of sales.So what affiliate tools should you create for your affiliates, or as an affiliate what are the best tools to use? To be honest with you, it really come down to the product that you are promoting. The two most common tools that you will find in any affiliate center are banners ads and sample emails.

Sample Emails

How many times have you received the emails that's exactly the same from multiple people promoting the same product? Those email are exactly the same because they are using a sample email created by the product owner. Sample email is usually tested and proven by product owner to yield higher conversion the other emails.

Something that is important about sample emails is that you have the affiliate's link in the email in several places. The reason to have affiliate link in several places is to make easy for people to click on the link to direct them to the sales letter and if the prospect buys, the affiliate gets credited.

One important note for affiliate is that you should take the sample email, and personalize the email for your respective list. Today top marketers use bits and pieces of the sample email and incorporate their own thoughts into the email that they will blast out to their list. Those top marketers know what the list "Hot Buttons" are.

It is important to keep your message personal. Here are some tips to make this happen in your upcoming promotion:
Keep paragraphs short (one or two sentence maximum).

If you make a spelling or grammatical error, don't worry about stopping to fix it. (within reason of course).
Use relaxed, friendly terms like 'Hey'.
Call the recipient by their first name.

Build your attractive character by sharing memorable facts about yourself.
By doing the above tips, your leads will fill like they are receiving message from a friend, not another spam mail asking them to buy something they can't see the benefit in.
Below is an example of a sample email you can use:

Hey (First name),

I hope you are having an extremely profitable day.

You know, I buy alot of stuff online. I'm not talking about regular stuff like you'd get at Amazon, but I'm talking about information that help me rake in a profit online.

Now, I am not afraid of paying top dollar for the best information. Alot of my online buddies shy away from buying expensive ebooks and courses.

But, if the content is good and when I take ACTION on what is taught, I consider the expensive price to be an investment in my business.

I mean, people pay up to$30,000 a year to go to college. That's ALOT of money, but the return on the investment is priceless.

So, when I heard that Alvin Phang was releasing his Atomic blogging version 2.0 on how he make a profit from blogging and how he got no. 1 in Google for the word phrase "Make Money Online", I was skeptical.

I mean, if Atomic Blogging delivers on what it promise, then why the HACK is Alvin selling it at a VERY LOW PRICE?

So I order a copy and check it out. And believe me, I was totally blown away. Atomic Blogging really deliver terrific content.
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The Simple Tools That Will Boost Your Affiliate Sales
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