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 BSNL Game Package1 - Double Bandwidth on Demand plan

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PostSubject: BSNL Game Package1 - Double Bandwidth on Demand plan   Tue 8 Apr - 17:15

Right from end of the 3rd week of August, weíve been kept mysterious about something called Game Package1 from BSNL. You get double bandwidth if you activate. It can be activate from your BSNL Dataone site Control panel. Log in with your user ID and password and itís in the side panel of your admin area.

BSNLís website has put up a Ad regarding this. The same shit! Check the Ad on their site - (click on the thumbnail below to enlarge the picture.)

*I think* BSNL gave us a free trial till now. Airtel also is giving 14 day free day to all their Game on Demand subscribers.

Even itís going to be paid, I think itís gonna be affordable to all; the same Games on Demand plans on other ISPs:-

1. MTNL already announced the plan. See here: Gaming Services On Broadband: MTNL - Games on Demand

Itís 150 or 300 bucks per month depending on the plan (plan on plan!) you activate.

2. Airtel also has similar plan. Check here: Airtel Games on Demand

Itís 200 bucks per month plus 14 day free trial.

3. Indiagames GOD site: Games on Demand

So, itís clear from all the 3 sites that : Data transfered (or downloads) WILL NOT be charged.

Who wants your games?
This IndiaGames.comís games sucks. Theyíll give access to 100 games across 10 categories. All the games are old. We have Age of Empires 2 , Microsoft Flight Simulator, Diner Dash (what the fuck is this?), Rise of nations and other lame ass old games. Guess what smart people like me will do? Weíll simple activate this, and snatch (let me rephrase - leech or ok fine - download) games worth a fortune, and enjoy it.

Having 512 kbps download speed and just 56 kbps upload speed makes things go worse if I run my torrents. If itís a private tracker torrents, then itís fine, if itís a public tracker torrents, then it hardly raises to 30-35 KBps.

Itís First of october. Iíve have activated this. Let them charge me. In all probability, itíll be affordable - less than 300 bucks a month. Hopefully let it be testing and BSNL gives us this, what it gave till now for free. From crappy dial-up 19 months ago ó> 1 GB a month 256k line ó>1 GB a month + 6 Hours free transfers 256k line ó> 256k unlimited connection ó> 512k (56k upload line) connection!! Woah..Iíve come a long way!!

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BSNL Game Package1 - Double Bandwidth on Demand plan
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