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 Broadband in Kerala - A look at BSNL dataone service

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PostSubject: Broadband in Kerala - A look at BSNL dataone service   Tue 8 Apr - 17:09

Many companies are now providing broadband services in Kerala. BSNL, Asianet, Reliance, etc. now provides broadband lines with speeds varying from 128kbps to 1mbps. This article summarizes my experience with BSNL broadband service(dataone).

BSNL started its broadband services sometime in 2005. Initially I was skeptical about the service. BSNL (Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited) is a state owned telecom company. Most of the state owned companies are notorious for their inefficiency in India. But anyway I thought I will apply for it and see what happens. Suprisingly, the broadband installation and delivery of modem took only about a week. Since then I am browsing at 256kbps with a monthly cap of 1GB. Recently I switched to the unlimited plan called UL900+ which gives free phone connection, unlimited traffic at 256kbps for a price of 900 rupees. To me this plan is a real good bargain!

Getting the service
Initially I filled up the online form. Nobody followed it up. Then I went to the BSNL office and gave an application. In a week, broadband installation was done. For changing the plan also I had to go to the office and give an application. It took 5 days to change the plan.

Reliability is 100% for me. I never had any problem since I started using BSNL!

I am getting the promised speed of 256kbps almost all the time. This is a welcome surprise for an unlimited plan!

Customer Service
The customer care numbers provided at the BSNL website doesn't work. But if needed I can report a problem at the Trivandrum telephone customer care number - 1500 .

Yes, BSNL broadband rocks! BSNL dataone broadband is the best broadband service I have seen. I am sure there are some good guys in BSNL who are maintaining this service. Thanks Guys!
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Broadband in Kerala - A look at BSNL dataone service
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