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 Make data entry in Access easier by changing text boxes to combo boxes

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PostSubject: Make data entry in Access easier by changing text boxes to combo boxes   Sun 6 Apr - 14:36

Access users should not have to memorize codes or look up ID numbers in order to enter the correct data into a record. Not only is it time-consuming, but it also can lead to data errors.

For example, suppose your Customer Database records include a field that lists each person's customer service representative. The data for that field is the customer service representative's ID number, which is linked to the Customer Service Representative Information table. The manager of the customer service reps uses a form based on the Customer table to assign a rep to a customer. Instead of looking up the ID number, the manager would rather input the rep by name. To change the form so that the manager can select the rep's name from a list, but still have his/her ID number entered into the field in the Customer Database, follow these steps:

Open the form in Design view.
Delete the Customer Rep ID text box.
Click the Combo tool in the Toolbox.
Click and drag in the form where you deleted the text box.
Click Next.
Select the Customer Service Representative Information table and click Next.
Double-click Customer Rep ID, Last Name, and First Name.
Click Next twice.
Click Store Value in this field's check box.
Select Customer Rep ID from the drop-down list.
Click Finish.
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Make data entry in Access easier by changing text boxes to combo boxes
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