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 When Is Data Entry A Scam?

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PostSubject: When Is Data Entry A Scam?   Sun 6 Apr - 14:31

Have you been scammed by a (so called) Data Entry position? Have you spent your hard-earned money on scams such as these? I'm sure all of us have been a fallen victim for one scam or another. Everyone is searching for Data Entry jobs on the Internet today. They're all searching for that one legitimate job offer.

The World Wide Web is literally cluttered with "Data Entry" scams. You see the headlines...

Work At Home--Easy Data Entry!

Data Entry From Home--$300 to $500 Weekly!

Simple Data Entry From Home!

Unfortunately, we've all seen all of these and more. can you tell if it's a scam?
Here are the number one signs of a Data Entry scam:

1) Registration fees
2) No contact information
3) Statement saying you will make $xxx amount of dollars in a short time
4) Free hosted website

YOU should always research any Data Entry or any type of job before applying. You can research a company at the sites below:

Or, you can do a search on a particular company by typing in the name of the company and the word "scam" in your favorite search engine.

A "real job" is when YOU work for an employer/company, and are not charged any registration or start-up fees. Now, there are a few exceptions to this rule...

Here are a couple of examples: A Transcription job may require you to have a foot pedal. You may also be requested to have a background check.

The important thing to remember here is again, always do your own research on any company. And also remember...use your instincts, if it looks too good to be true, then it most probably is.

There really are legitimate "Data Entry" positions out there...they are just snatched up very quickly. Quite really is a matter of being at the right place at the right time.

The legitimate positions actually require you to have "Data Entry" experience and of course, the required equipment...which would include: Internet access, a broadband connection, email account, and sometimes some software is required. The employer will also ask you to submit a resume.

A resume is a brief written summary of your skills and experience. It is an overview of who you are and a tool to present yourself to employers. The goal of a well-written resume is to gain a job interview. Write a brief description of your experience and skills. Write your resume to describe how your skills will meet the employer's needs. Make it attractive, emphasize your most recent jobs, and always proofread it for grammar, punctuation and spelling errors.

Also, it is well advised to include a cover letter that accompanies your resume. The cover letter should pursuade the employer to read your resume. Present yourself as professionally as possible. Most often, the reason for being rejected from an employer is due to a poorly written resume and cover letter. Always pay close attention to your resume and cover letter and check and re-check them for any errors before submitting to an empoyer.
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When Is Data Entry A Scam?
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