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 Creating Income Through Clickbank

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PostSubject: Creating Income Through Clickbank   Sat 5 Apr - 23:37

If you have a particular interest in Clickbank, then this informative article is required reading.

It is entirely thinkable that someone reading this article may not have heard of Clickbank. For those of us that “eek out” a living online, Clickbank is one of the center resources used to produce cash flow.

There are several ways to generate income through Clickbank and they can all add up to a tolerable income paid in two week cycles.

The two main ways of creating income through Clickbank are “affiliate sales” and “direct product sales”.

Affiliate Sales

There are thousands of downloadable digital products for sale at Clickbank in a variety of categories covering a wide range of topics. When products are added to Clickbank by the sellers they are given the opportunity to allow for affiliate sales. The product owner determines the percentage to be paid to the affiliate, if any.

Anyone can view all the products with affiliate sales potential at this link:

Once a category is clicked on in the Clickbank Marketplace, sub-categories and product listings appear. For example, today in the ‘Business to Business’ category the top selling product listed is: Data Entry Ads Online - Join The Best! [Earn 50%].

As an affiliate marketer, you would click on the [Earn 50%] link and fill in your Clickbank ID to capture the correct Clickbank Hoplink for the product. This Hoplink would be used in conjunction with all ads directing traffic to a particular product.

Each product Hoplink contains the ID of the affiliate and the ID of the seller thus making wealthy affiliate sales attributable to the correct parties.

Clickbank has an automated tracking system that determines which affiliate, if any, is to be associated with the sale. Although Clickbank feels their tracking system is “more fair and accurate than any alternative” it is still not perfect.

There are apparently ways for unscrupulous people to take advantage of the system for their benefit at the expense of those of us who do not delve into such matters. Link cloaking can be useful in these situations.

The benefits of affiliate marketing through Clickbank far outweigh any potential negative experiences that may arise due to an unscrupulous few.
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Creating Income Through Clickbank
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