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 Controlling Database Transactions in ColdFusion MX

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PostSubject: Controlling Database Transactions in ColdFusion MX   Fri 4 Apr - 16:48

Many developers choose ColdFusion for web application development because it is easy to use and because CFML minimizes the complexity of common application coding activities. This allows developers to spend more time working on the more complex functionality in their applications. One way in which ColdFusion simplifies the development process is in the way it connects to and extracts data from a database-usually one of the first things that a ColdFusion developer learns. This is accomplished with the cfquery tag.

As easy as it may seem to be to make your database accessible to web applications, doing so efficiently is not as simple as putting cfquery tags on a page. Many individuals can browse a web application simultaneously. When web application users concurrently query database data, it is possible that some users may receive incorrect data if the application doesn't handle queries in the context of that user's current transaction. In fact, even a single application visitor may be able to create or retrieve invalid data if that user's database interaction isn't executed in the protected scope of a database transaction. The classic example of invalid data retrieval would be that of an application that inserts a new record then executes a select statement in order to retrieve the unique id of the freshly inserted row; but instead of receiving the correct ID, the app receives the unique id of a row inserted in a concurrent transaction. In this article, we will examine:
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Controlling Database Transactions in ColdFusion MX
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