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 Data Entry as a Telecommuting Career

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PostSubject: Data Entry as a Telecommuting Career   Fri 4 Apr - 16:33

Telecommuting jobs are becoming more popular and easier to do with the internet. Data entry, which is simply inputting and organizing information for the company in spreadsheets or databases, is a growing field for telecommuters.

Where to find Data Entry Jobs:

There are several reputable job searches on-line that will have listings. Look in your local want ads as well. It pays to do your research before getting involved with any company. The Better Business Bureau is a good resource to check for complaints. There are also many telemarketing forums where the members share information on which companies to be wary of and which have good reputations.

Before you apply for a job, take time to create a good resume to present yourself as a professional, self-motivated worker. Find out what kind of skills they are looking for before applying and emphasize the ones that are your strongest areas.

Skills you need:

You should have excellent typing skills, not only for standard touch-typing, but for the numeric keys (referred to as 10 key) at the right side of the keyboard. There are many on-line typing tests where you can check your speed and accuracy. A good average to aim for is 60 wpm (although some may only require 30 wpm) with little to no errors.

Tools you need:

There are a few software programs you should be familiar with, such as spreadsheets, databases and word processors. Many companies have preferred software. Most will probably use Microsoft, or compatible, programs. A reliable computer is a must and a high-speed connection is probably best.

How much money can you make?

An average rate of pay is $8.00 an hour to start, although you may be offered a ‘per item’ rate instead.

Many companies will have a set pay rate, but if you’re able to set your own rate, or bid on a job, research the going rate, so you can be competitive. Don’t forget that the company’s physical location could affect the pay rate, due to the cost of living in those areas.

If a company does not require a W-2, you will have to pay your own taxes, as you will be considered a freelance worker. You have probably heard this over and over, but it bears repeating: never pay for a job. If a company requires a fee up front, it is probably a job finding service at best, a scam at worst.
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Data Entry as a Telecommuting Career
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