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 Making Money At Home With Clickbank Elite : A Product Review

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PostSubject: Making Money At Home With Clickbank Elite : A Product Review   Thu 3 Apr - 21:03

An easy way to start making money at home almost effortlessly with your online business is to set up a Clickbank website. This site would offer electronic products available through the Clickbank marketplace that you can sell as an affiliate and earn commissions from. Clickbank is probably the best way online to sell affiliate products.

I wouldn't say that Clickbank is a business for making money at home in itself. Rather, it is something that allows you earn extra cash, big or small, from product sales to boost your regular online business income. In my opinion, it should be used as a supplement to your internet business, not as your only means of generating income.

I say that because an online business is more than just selling products and services to make money at home. A business means you offer something of quality to customers over the long haul in hopes that they will become repeat customers because you have offered information or services that are unbeatable from a source they can trust.

If you want to start making money at home quickly to supplement your business, Clickbank works like a charm, but you have to know how to use it effectively if you want to make the sales.

That's where Clickbank Elite comes in. Clickbank Elite is both a manual and software that will help you choose the top-selling items at Clickbank that you want to promote on your site or blog, or other advertising means. It is updated regularly so you know what's hot and what's not.

The software gives you a search screen where you can select products by keyword, categories, subcategories, commissions earned, popularity, gravity, and so on. You can further sort the data you receive with dropdown menu choices and even export it to a spreadsheet if you want.

Product rankings will let you know which products will help you start making money at home. You can even track where your sales came from, find products that will soon become hot sellers, and create ads that look like Adsense ads to promote your products.

Will this software really generate more sales for you and get you earning more money at home? Well I have been using Clickbank Elite for several months now, and while it is great at helping you find the best products to promote online, it has really not helped me anymore than one person's advice on a forum.

If you have no idea what products to promote, or what gravity and $/sale means, then it's a good idea to get a copy of Clickbank Elite because it will help you start making money at home.

But if you have a good or even basic knowledge already of what gravity means, how much you want to earn, and $/sale, then you really don't gain a lot more by ordering Clickbank Elite than you would by simply going to the Clickbank marketplace and choosing products based on gravity and $/sale.

The thing to remember when making money at home with Clickbank is that if you choose products that are extremely popular sellers, then as a newbie internet marketer, you may not generate any sales because all the top dogs are using their savvy advertising skills and profits to beat you out.

Therefore, making money at home for you would mean knowing how to choose what's popular, but not too popular. For someone just starting out, you might want to choose a product where gravity is about 60-100, and $/sale is more than $20.00. These numbers are listed right on the Clickbank website.

Now I admit to not always being on top of the game with Clickbank and Clickbank Elite, as there are people making fortunes who are using Clickbank Elite on a regular basis, downloading the updates and new products daily. If you do this, you will have an advantage by using Clickbank Elite.

However, with a solid background in internet marketing, and a knowledge of what products to choose based on the criteria mentioned above, then you will still be making money at home with Clickbank without using Clickbank Elite. Much of my income comes from here, so it's a good thing to consider!
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Making Money At Home With Clickbank Elite : A Product Review
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