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 14 Best ways of watching internet TV and videos online

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PostSubject: 14 Best ways of watching internet TV and videos online   Wed 2 Apr - 20:21

OK you like the idea of watching online TV and lots of it. Well heres a great list of internet tv viewing pleasure. All the best sites to watch whatever you want really. These links will take you wherever you want to go but remember to come back to worldtvpc


Hmm not the most original but its gotta be here. The biggest site for viewing anything on the web. The videos are all user uploaded videos, so lots of them weird and wonderful and all for free. You can pretty much find any video on any subject here.


Itís video Ė more than 20,000 shows, with more added daily.Itís online Ė And itís free. The software P2P app which needs downloading and installing first works pretty good, and if you got a decent internet connection, youíll be ok using it.


A p2p-based online television with a downloadable client focused on European (over 50) channels. Unfortunately, it wonít work if youíre not from one of the supported countries.


The Veoh is a video site similar to youtube.
but veoh also holds a large number of TV shows for download in better quality the youtube does. The difference being that the veoh network is used with a veoh player, The player works and looks great for downloading files from the network which sometimes includes, shock horrorÖ copyrighted content.


NGTV, which is short for No Good TV, is the television you donít want your daughter to watch. Or at least it tries to leave that impression: in reality, itís similar to what kids see on TV everyday: lots of music & entertainment, lots of foul language, and long, long intros for every episode.


Episode network is a large link list, pointing to videos around the web. Theyíre not hosting any of the videos on the site; but bear in mind that since the material includes blockbusters and entire TV series downloading the stuff might be just a tad illegal.


One of the biggest video sharing sites around, Dailymotion is as old as YouTube, and nearly as successful. Unlike YouTube, itís still not sued by every media powerhouse under the sun, so you can still find a lot of good stuff there. For a list of TV series available at Dailymotion, check out this site.

Google Video

Although Google has bought YouTube and Google Video is slowly fading out of the picture, itís still a very large video sharing site with tons of content and an UI that wouldnít mind a makeover.


BlinkX is a video/audio search engine which claims to have indexed over 12 million hours of video. Since itís a search engine, youíre hardly gonna be able to sit back, relax and enjoy the shows, but itís great for finding that elusive video you think you saw three weeks ago but you were too drunk to remember whatís itís called or whatís it about.


A shoddy and confusing (actually, largely nonexistant) interface on this one ruins much of the fun, but if you manage to find them, there are some good shows here (watching Prison Break as I write this).


Blip.TV is a video sharing site that focuses on user-crated shows. This means less noise and more coherence than YouTube, and some of the stuff on here is, indeed, quite enjoyable. A great place to find the next Spielberg, or at the very least the next Larry Clark.


Stage6 is a video sharing site built to demonstrate the quality of the DivX codec. It sports a sleek interface and a large selection of videos. Youíll need a special plugin to access the videos - the DivX web player - but the quality of DivX-encoded videos makes it worth your while.


TCUnetworks is a China-based P2P TV company, which means youíre mostly be able to find Chinese channels there, but some of the content is in English, too.


A nice selection of all the free streaming tv channels sorted in country order.


I included this site because its a great timesaver. A multi video search engine. So when you search for a video you can see the results from all the major video sites at once.

PhewÖ so there you have some good sites to wet your whistle, we will add to and compile new lists so that every streaming tv and video site will be mentioned, reviewed and seen here.
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14 Best ways of watching internet TV and videos online
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