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 Clickbank FAQ - Return & Cancellation Policy FAQ

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PostSubject: Clickbank FAQ - Return & Cancellation Policy FAQ   Sun 30 Mar - 19:08

1. What is ClickBank's return policy?

Clickbank's official return policy for all ClickBank products is as follows:

ClickBank will, at its discretion, allow for the return or replacement of any defective product within 8 weeks from the date of purchase. For recurring billing products, returns for more than one payment may be provided if requested within the standard 8 week return period. After 8 weeks all sales are final.

2. Do any ClickBank products have a different return policy?

Clickbank's publishers are not permitted to make any guarantee that conflicts with Clickbank's return policy. However, Clickbank has an enormous inventory of products and it can be difficult to monitor all of them all the time. If you find a product with any warranty that conflicts with Clickbank's return policy, please bring it to Clickbank's attention so that they can take corrective action.

3. What is ClickBank's cancellation policy for recurring billing products?

The customer may cancel their recurring billing subscription products at any time. Upon receipt of an installment cancellation request, ClickBank will encourage the completion of installment terms, but installments may be canceled at any time. A cancellation means that no future installments are charged to the customer's account. Canceling a recurring billing product does not generate a refund.

4. What is the difference between a refund and a cancellation?

If a customer requests a refund, the money for the requested transaction is refunded back to the customer. If the refund is for a recurring billing product, then the return policy allows for the most recent payment to be returned. Multiple payment returns can be provided as long as they are within the standard 8 week return period. A refund on a recurring billing product will also result in a cancellation.

If customers request a cancellation for their recurring billing product no future rebills will be charged to their account. Keep in mind, a cancellation will not generate a refund - it will only stop any future rebills.

5. How are customer inquiries handled?

When a customer reaches Clickbank by phone or email, their first response is to offer technical support for the product. However, in some cases a product may be unsatisfactory to the customer for reasons completely beyond Clickbank's control in which case a cancellation or a refund may be processed.
Please Note: Refunds can only be credited back to the account used to make the original purchase. If the original account has been closed, the purchase is not eligible for refund.

6. What about customers who try to abuse the return policy?

Customers requesting serial or repeated returns will be blocked from making further purchases.

7. What is the policy for returns requested within 8 weeks?

Customers requesting a return within 8 weeks of purchase may be approved by Clickbank's customer service team if the customer provides evidence that their case merits a return.
Publishers requesting a return within 8 weeks of purchase will have their request reviewed and usually approved by Clickbank's customer service team.

8. What is the policy for returns requested after 8 weeks?

Customers requesting a return after 8 weeks will be directed to the publisher for technical support. Publishers may request a return, on behalf of customers, of any card or check purchase up to 12 weeks after the date of the ClickBank customer's purchase.

9. Is there any other reason why a sale might be reversed?

ClickBank has every incentive to keep customers happy by providing quality products and technical support. At times, Clickbank may reverse a sale in order to comply with: credit card industry rules, ACH industry rules, PayPal terms of service, US law, and requests from verified US judiciary or law enforcement agents.
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Clickbank FAQ - Return & Cancellation Policy FAQ
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