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 Clickbank FAQ - Accounting FAQ

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PostSubject: Clickbank FAQ - Accounting FAQ   Sun 30 Mar - 19:05

1. I have multiple accounts. Will my payment be combined into one check?

No. you will receive a separate check for each account.

2. I don't want to receive payment until I have made $500 dollars. Can I do that?

Yes. The "Payment Threshold" setting in your account allows you to control when you receive a check. You may select an amount from $10 to $10,000 as your Payment Threshold. The default setting is $100. Clickbank holds your check until your payable balance reaches the amount you select.

3. Why is my check less than I expected?

Things to keep in mind when reading your stats are that returns and revokes are backdated 8 days. For example, if a return is approved on the 7th of the current month, the debit will be applied to the previous pay period. Also, remember that a return allowance is held each time Clickbank issues a check to cover future returns. This is typically 10%. The return allowance is held for 6 pay periods then refunded to your payable balance.

4. Why is my balance decreasing?

Accounts with a positive balance but no earnings for an extended period of time are considered dormant. Dormant accounts are subject to a charge of $1 per pay period after 90 days of inactivity, $5 per pay period after 180 days of inactivity, and $15 per pay period after 365 days of inactivity.

5. How long do I have to cash my ClickBank check?

You will need to present checks promptly to your financial institution. ClickBank checks are void after 90 days and may not be accepted by your bank after that time.

6. I didn't cash my check within 90 days. What do I do now?

You will need to return the stale check to Clickbank here:
Click Sales, Inc.
Attn: paychecks department
917 S Lusk Street
Boise, ID 83706

Once Clickbank receives the check, it will issue a new one.

7. I listed a business name in my account but I cannot cash a check under that name. What do I do now?

First, return the check here:

Click Sales, Inc.
Attn: paychecks department
917 S Lusk Street
Boise, ID 83706

Add a note requesting a change to the payee name and Clickbank will reissue the check. You will also need to permanently change the payee name in your account. You can do so by sending the request through Publisher/Affiliate Customer Service Form (select "Address Change Request" for the subject). Always keep your account information up to date.

8. I did not receive my check. What do I do?

Because mail is occasionally lost or misdirected, Clickbank can reissue checks if needed. You can be assured that if a check is listed in green in your stats that the check was mailed. A check reissue is done on regular payout dates only. The check amount will be $20 less than the original check amount so that Clickbank's bank can place a stop payment on the missing check. To request a check reissue, please send your request through the Publisher/Affiliate Customer Service Form (select "Paycheck Inquiries" for the subject) with the period ending date, the amount, and your nickname.

9. Why haven't I received my check?

ClickBank will withhold the first check to be issued from your account until the payable balance contains sales made with 5 or more different credit card numbers, including at least one Visa card, and one MasterCard in order to be eligible to receive a check. PayPal and e-check purchases do not count toward the minimum. It is also required that the check balance reaches the Payment Threshold amount you have chosen in your account. The default Payment Threshold is set to $100, however you can change the Payment Threshold in your account at any time.

10. How do I reconcile what I see in my paycheck report for a particular pay period?

The best way to reconcile what you see in your paycheck report for a particular pay period is to click on the "Reporting" tab, and then click on the link for the pay period you are interested in under the column titled "Period Ending" for the details. For example, if you want details for pay period ending 2006-10-16, then you should click on the link 2006-10-16 under the column titled "Period Ending". By selecting that pay period, you will be taken to the transactional detail for that pay period, and you can sort the information as needed from there. You can also select the "Reporting" tab, and then select "Transactions" from the submenu below the tabs, and search from transaction data for a specific time range. However, keep in mind that selecting your own date range does NOT take the backdating of returns into account, which means you will not be able to reconcile a particular pay period by running a search for a particular date range. (Returns are backdated 8 days for accounting purposes. For example, if a refund is issued on the 7th of the current month, the debit will be applied to the previous pay period.)
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Clickbank FAQ - Accounting FAQ
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