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 Clickbank FAQ - Referral Program FAQ

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PostSubject: Clickbank FAQ - Referral Program FAQ   Sun 30 Mar - 19:01

1. How are referred publishers tracked?

Referred publishers are tracked when they create an account based on your promotional efforts. Potential publishers receive your promotional information along with the Referral hoplink (i.e., reseller link) and create an account by clicking on the Referral hoplink. Once the referred publisher creates and activates a ClickBank account you receive a commission and are eligible to start earning based on the referred publishers sales.

2. What is the reseller link?

A reseller link is a special hoplink used by ClickBank clients (publishers and affiliates) who wish to earn credit for referring product publishers to ClickBank. When the reseller link is used by the referred publisher to create a ClickBank account then you are linked to the new publisher.

3. How do I make a reseller link?

Your reseller links should be targeted to the top level of a new window, and should be in the following format:

Here it is in html:

Here's how to make it work...

Replace AFFILIATE with your ClickBank nickname.
Replace CLICK HERE with any promotional text or image you prefer.
4. How much does a client earn on a ClickBank referral?

You earn a 20% commission on the activation charge that is collected when the publisher activates their account. In addition, you earn 5% of our markup on every sale made by that publisher for a full calendar year after their initial signup date.

5. How much is that in dollars and cents?

Clickbank standard activation charge is $49.95, and you keep 20% of that, so you earn $9.99 up front.
Clickbank typical markup is $1 + 7.5%, and you keep 5% of that, so you earn about $0.09 to $0.99 on every sale.

$10 sale = $0.09 commission
$20 sale = $0.13 commission
$30 sale = $0.16 commission
$40 sale = $0.20 commission
$50 sale = $0.24 commission
$100 sale = $0.42 commission
$150 sale = $0.61 commission
$200 sale = $0.80 commission
$250 sale = $0.99 commission

6. Where does the money show up in my stats?

The 20% of our activation charge ($9.99) that you earn when a referred publisher signs up will appear under transaction type "bons-0001" in the transaction detail. Your 5% of our markup for all sales made by that publisher for a full year appears as transaction type "bons-0001" in the transaction detail.

7. Does the publisher get paid less because I am earning a commission on his sales?

No. ClickBank pays all referral commissions. For that reason, you cannot refer yourself or anyone who already has an account with Clickbank.

8. I have old reseller links in a different format. Will they still work?

Yes. Any old ClickBank reseller links you have will continue to work, however, the new format is likely to improve your conversion rates. This is because spyware and other hostile programs that hijack links and divert advertisements do not know your personalized reseller link domain name.
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Clickbank FAQ - Referral Program FAQ
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