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 Basic Database Assessment

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PostSubject: Basic Database Assessment   Tue 25 Mar - 22:59

Use these questions to help you think through your accounting database needs. Does your organization have a database?

If you do not have a database:
How do you currently store data such as contact information or information about clients and projects?
Is your method of keeping data efficient? Is it easy to share data among different staff members?
What is your budget for a new database?
What type of data do you want to store in the database?
What tasks will you use the database for? For example, do you want to retrieve information, sort data or print reports?
Do you currently have database software such as Access or Filemaker?
Do you want several staff to be able to access the database? Do you have a network to support this?
Do you know of a consultant you trust who could build a database for you? Do you have someone on staff that could do it?
If you have an existing database:
What kind(s) of database software does your organization use?
Is your current database system adequate? Does it do what your organization needs it to do easily?
Would your database system be adequate with a 25% increase in volume?
Do you have more than one database? If so, are they on different computers? Can more than one person use the same database?
What does your organization use the database(s) for? (Specific info on clients, donors, merging letters, labels, reports)?
How many people on staff with a computer use the database?
How many people should be using it?
Is everyone using the database able to do all the things they need to do on it? Do they need help from a system manager?
Do staff members need more training than they're getting in using the database?
Do your computers run the database software adequately?
Does your organization need to upgrade to a newer version of your current program or even a different program? If so, what program do you need?
How many computers do you estimate will not be able to run the new software?
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Basic Database Assessment
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