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 I'm selling my huge ClickBank website

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PostSubject: I'm selling my huge ClickBank website   Mon 24 Mar - 19:52

I've decided to sell my Clickbank site that was finished just a few weeks ago. I hope you don't look at this post as spam. I think it may interest many of you in here.

Here it is:

I'm moving into a new business venture and simply has no time to run it, butit definately is one of my best ideas ever, and it has a huge potential. I'm surprised that there's no site like this out there (at least I've never seen one). It is totally unique.

I just wanted to check in here if anyone would be interested in buying it.

It's a clickbank product review site. Visitors can review every single products at the clickbank website.

The site took almost 3 months and and costed A LOT of money to develop. The programming partwas the most complicated and the largest expense. I won't mention any exact numbers but I'm talking about many thousand dollars. Not to talk about the time I've spent on planning all features and the structure of the site. That time isn't even included in
the 3 months.

Here's a list of all the features:

- Visitors can review every single product on the ClickBank website (you could offer some kind of incentive for reviewing a product)

- Every single link on the website contains your affiliate ID.

- Registration required to review products

- Clicking on the user symbol will display the reviewers member profile.

- The review includes a general review + PROS and CONS of the product.

- Members area where people can edit their profile and check the status of their reviews

- Built in Cbmall type of script (but developed from scratch).

- Search box where visitors can search the entire clickbank network.

- Advanced search feature where you can perform very detailed searches.

- Top lists on every single page. (Go to the site to check them out)

- Featured review. (randomly displays a product review from the database)

- Newsletter script (add2it mailman standard).

- Product counter that displays the total amount of products + amount of new products this week.

- If you click on a certain category all the lists (and the featured review) will change and contain ONLY products within
that specific category or sub category.

- Individual pages for every top list category that lists all top products in every category (top rated, most reviewed, etc)

- "Affiliate section" with all features of the free version of the "affiliates alert" software.

- "Getting rated" section where product owners can put different "buttons" on their product website
where people can either see their average rating at or review their product from their site so that
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I'm selling my huge ClickBank website
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