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 Some tips to use paypal.

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PostSubject: Some tips to use paypal.   Fri 14 Mar - 16:16

[b][b]1. Join The Money Market Fund

Simply by opting in and providing your social security number, you'll be enrolled in the PayPal Money Market fund. This will essentially turn your PayPal account into interest bearing savings. There is no minimum balance required, so no truly compelling reason to reject this "free" money. Although the actual return on investment varies, it tends to hover around 5%. That's better than most $10,000 5 year CDs!

2.Don't Withdraw After 5pm PST/PDT

Withdrawing funds from PayPal to your checking account can take anywhere from 24 hours to 7 full days depending on your bank and when you initiate the transfer. During the time the money is "in transit" you receive interest from neither the PayPal Money Market, nor your personal bank account. That's essentially "lost" money. By leaving the funds in your PayPal account overnight you gain another night's Money Market revenue and the funds will land in your bank account at essentially the same time.

3.Open TWO Accounts[
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Some tips to use paypal.
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