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 Paid Pay Pal Surveys: 5 Ways To Find Out If Its a Scam

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PostSubject: Paid Pay Pal Surveys: 5 Ways To Find Out If Its a Scam   Fri 21 Mar - 23:59

If youre thinking about signing up to a paid survey site then heres a few things you should know before you sign up. If you already have a paid survey site that youve joined or thinking of joining,

Step 1

First thing you should do is see if theres a review about that site on Google. To find out if the site is not a scam and is really genuine there should be reviews about that site. Better still if you find many websites that review pay survey sites and that sites one of them, odds are they are well know and established.

Step 2

Check to see if they have an affiliate program. An affiliate program allows other everyday people like you and me a commission for referring a customer to the site. If they have this set up it means they are already paying affiliates commissions for their referrals. This is a good sign to show that this company is in the industry for long term

Step 3

See if theres a membership fee. I strongly suggest that you pay a membership fee and sign up to the big paid survey sites. The free paid survey sites can get a bit messy. One example is spam. You sign up for free paid surveys means youre signing up to get free spam daily. If you want to test them out first thing you should do is open a new email account and be prepared.

You should never under any circumstances give any paid survey site your real email address. Theres a chance youll be bombarded with promotional material.

Step 4

Check to the amount of companies offering paid surveys. If the list is fewer than 200 then you should be a little reserved. With paid surveys its quantity of quality. One of the main reasons why you want more companies is because a lot of paid surveys pay you around $5 to $10 for a standard survey. And surveys from 1 company might come once or twice a week. Youre better off signing up to multiple companies and get 10 surveys per day. This is one of the methods to effectively taking paid surveys.

Some paid survey sites claim to pay you up to $75 per survey and up to $120 per hour. This is in many ways very misleading. You see most surveys pay $10 and it takes up to 10 minutes or even 1 hour to complete them. So effectively youre only making around $60 per hour at most or $10 per hour.

Step 5

How do these sites pay you. Most sites offer checks as payment. However the newer sites offer pay pal payment. If they offer pay pal its a good sign and its an even better sign that youll be paid on time and that your checks wont be lost in the mail. Getting paid via pay pal is extremely quick so this is something you should look for when joining paid survey sites.

I hope this clears up a few things about paid survey sites. All the best and be sure you check for all the above points mentioned.
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Paid Pay Pal Surveys: 5 Ways To Find Out If Its a Scam
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