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 Four FREE Clickbank Tools and Free Reference Guide

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PostSubject: Four FREE Clickbank Tools and Free Reference Guide   Fri 21 Mar - 1:01

The ClickBank® Quick Tips and Reference Guide
Download Now - 518 kb
Discover how to sell digital products Online and accept credit cards without a merchant account.

In a previous article we spoke about how Clickbank can help you sell eBooks and software Online.

Now I have acquired reprint rights to this great Clickbank reference guide which contains more specifically detailed information about the subject of selling products Online with Clickbank.

The eBook covers very basic issues like where to sign up for free as an affiliate and contains more advanced security information which will help protect your downloads from cyber thieves.

Do you want to know how to sign up with ClickBank®?
Do you want to know how to quickly grab a hoplink or set up a sales link?
Do you want to know how to become a ClickBank® merchant?
Do you want to know all of this and more without desperately searching ClickBank®’s web site every time for the information you require?
This quick, simple and concise guide tells you all the information you need to know in one easy resource.

Includes Four Amazing Tools for your Instant Use

1. ClickBank® Commission Calculator - Just type in the price and the commission percentage, and this unique tool tells you exactly how much commission both the affiliate and the merchant will receive from ClickBank®

2. Hop Link Generator - Quick and easy – you enter your ClickBank® Nickname, the Merchant’s Nickname, and the hoplink is generated ready for you to cut and paste and start your promotions immediately. No more messily trying to construct it yourself or searching the Merchant’s web site for the required information

3. ClickBank® sales link generator - Enter your ClickBank® Nickname, a couple of other details, and instantly get the sales link you need ready to add directly to your web site. Imagine how much time this tool alone could save you.

4. ClickBank Nickname Site Locator - A tool that reveals exactly who sits behind a ClickBank Nickname - you just type in the Nickname, and the associated web site is immediately displayed. All you need to do then is check the site for the web site owner's name and other personal details.

Plus, this amazing ebook tells you exactly how to do all of the following:

Sign up with ClickBank®
Become a ClickBank® Merchant
Find a Huge Range of ClickBank® Products Just Waiting for You to Promote and Earn Huge Commissions From
Discover the Merchant's Nickname from Their Web Site
Promote ClickBank® and Earn Even More Commissions
How to Use the ClickBank® Receipt Number on the Thank You Page
How to Send Extra Data to the Thank You Page for Advanced Merchant Capabilities!
How to Verify Your Purchases with a Bullet-Proof Purchase Verification System!
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Four FREE Clickbank Tools and Free Reference Guide
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