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 What you need to get a PayPal account

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PostSubject: What you need to get a PayPal account   Thu 20 Mar - 18:26

Sending money with paypal is so easy that just about anyone who knows how to use computers can do it. It makes sending money fast, simple, and easy. Paypal is one of the simplest websites i have ever used. It is very secure and does not give out your personal information. When you send a payment using paypal, all paypal does is give out your email address that is registered on paypal. That means they don't give out personal information, like your credit card number, debit card number, or bank account number. In this article i am going to list the things you need in order to have a paypal account. You will need;

1) A paypal account

2) A valid e-mail address

3) A credit card OR

4) A debit card OR

5) A bank account.

It is very easy to set up a pay pal account, but first you will have to set yourself up an email address if you do not already have one. There are many sites that have emil services, like yahoo, hotmail, or any other email service you prefer. It is also very easy to set up an email address. All you have to do is go to a website with an email service (most are free) and follow the easy steps and fill out the forms for an email account.

The next thing to do is to set up a paypal account. This is just as easy as setting up an email account, if not easier. All you have to do is go to and click the set up account button and fill out the form to get your account. After you do this you can add your debit card number, your credit card number, or your bank account number by clicking the button "profile" after you have logged in your paypal account.

In my opinion paypal is the easiest and safest ways to send money, receive money, make payment, and many other great things. I think with the growing use of ordering things online most people will need a paypal account because most websites do not except a check, and paypal is good if you do not want to give out your personal information like your credit card number, debit card number, or bank account number. I think one day we will all end up getting a paypal account, that is if we order online stuff, pr need to make or receive payments online, so why not get one now? It's absolutely free and very very easy.
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What you need to get a PayPal account
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